Indoctrinating China’s children

Simply beyond belief.

A commenter compares this to saying the pledge of allegiance in the US or having a flag in school. I beg to differ, strongly. We were indoctrinated in America’s schools, too (I still remember the USDA poster on the wall extolling the benefits of drinking milk and eating beef), but nothing like this. Not even close. A taste of the toxic chorus:

Lead: Earthquakes, shifting back and forth like the positions of Sarkozy, with his dirty tricks, trying to shake the great China

Lead: Did China retreat?

All: No. The Shenzhou-7 launched. We are victorious!

Lead: Pathetic Europe will never stop the insurmountable force of our great dynasty

All: Just the aftershocks from the earthquake would destroy France!

Watch the video. A shocker. And we wonder what makes the anti-CNN crowd so hostile. It’s surprising they aren’t hunting down French people in the streets with machetes.

Update: Speaking of propaganda, stop what you are doing and go here now. A moving, Karaoke-ready tribute to the Chinese heading to the Gulf of Aden to fight the Somali pirates.

With lofty sentiments, the Chinese navy heads for the deep blue
Braving wind and waves, the warship’s flag flutters,
The Chinese navy, a bright sword to harmonize the ocean.
Chinese warriors, valiant men with iron wills….

Has to be a parody, right? Harmonize the ocean?


Richard Burger is the author of Behind the Red Door: Sex in China, an exploration of China's sexual revolution and its clash with traditional Chinese values.

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Well we can stop here as it is obvious we both have different opinions. I believe Richard summed it up pretty well earlier anyway about how out of context your last set of comments were anyway.

Regarding the points you made

1 – Sure we all know China was weak, we all know it was exploited but I still don’t see any answer from my question to accurately explain why 8 different countries which as I mentioned were typically involved in fighting each other just decided to get together to march 100 KM’s whilst under attack from Boxers and the Chinese military to go out on a picnic to Beijing for a spot of looting. Nor forgetting of course that this group of 8 armies was only sent out because the first groups of soldiers sent to protect the legation in Beijing was not sufficiently strong enough to make it from Tianjin to Beijing. Your explanation lacks any substance, just the normal misdirection and evasive answers which are fairly normal for this type of discussion.

2 – Actually I know perfectly well that the P.R.China was not a part of the UN at that time so they had no ability to influence to UN decision. If you again learned to read the article properly before making your asinine comments you would have noticed I never mentioned that they did. I mentioned Russia had the power of Veto but they decided not to turn up and take advantage of it. The point is, as you yourself mentioned yourself, was that you were taught all this rubbish at school. It was only afterwards that you learnt anything differently, but even then you are still trying to go back to the rubbish they spouted at school to justify your childish arguments.

Regarding your comment to Richard on what kids will think about when they are older after listening to constant lies and half truths. Wasn’t it Joseph Goebbels that stated…. “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it” If ever that was an apt quote that applies here surely this has to be it.


I quite agree. There is a time to move on.

@ yourfriend
I would think after 60 years of single party communist rule you would have stopped on the blaming foreigners on all the ills affecting China. but I suppose somethings never change. When are you going to realise that maybe, just maybe some of that blame should and can be placed on the parties front doorstep for some of the absolutely stupid policy decisions they made in their first 30 years in power. I would think opening up to the rest of the world including western countries and Japan has helped a lot in stimulating a pretty good amount of the growth in the latter 30 years. When will you realise most people in the West and Japan want to see China grow, want to see it develop. but at the moment they still seem to be behaving like a pre-pubescent child.

January 6, 2009 @ 2:19 pm | Comment

Sooooo retarded, what a waste…., some people are just so hardheaded to only think the rest of the world is hardheaded, some people are just so close-minded to only think the rest of the world is closed-minded. The reasoning of how the 8 countries invaded China shows what a load of crap someone learnt, and the fact that he who ignored all the facts in front of him again and again and use the weak judgements like “all of the facts here are junk” to protect his face shows how pathetic he is.

I’ve lost my interest on this blog totally, thank you very much. When the tiny portion of excitment in the beginning is gone, now I just think that I am a hog tamer.

Sorry to bother you guys…..

January 6, 2009 @ 3:52 pm | Comment

I would think after 60 years of single party communist rule you would have stopped on the blaming foreigners on all the ills affecting China.

Uh, my roots are in Taiwan, and my parents were indoctrinated in extremist anti-Communism and indeed anti-CCP beliefs. They didn’t really cling too much to that though.

Nice try at “argumentum ad uracommunistlololol”

maybe some of that blame should and can be placed on the parties front doorstep for some of the absolutely stupid policy decisions

KEYWORD: SOME. You are still to blame for a huge amount of the problems China faces. That doesn’t mean they can’t disapprove of the CCP AND foreigners. Stop acting like you’re guiltless angels, it’s fucking dishonest and pig disgusting. The wealth that the developed countries enjoy is largely due to the fact that they destroyed everyone elses’ country to enrich themselves, and just dumped their colonies to be taken over by Communists after they had stripped them of currency, labor and resources.

I would think opening up to the rest of the world

China is already incredibly open, considering all the warranted bad blood and resentment they have. Stop acting like you are perfect and undeserving of criticism, because you’re not. Chinese people aren’t quiet about it when you have glaring faults. Then again the only people I hear complaining about China’s “openness” are spoiled Western men whining that only unattractive Chinese women will spread their legs for them.

but at the moment they still seem to be behaving like a pre-pubescent child.

Nope. “pre-pubescent” would describe Sarkozy’s photo ops with the Dalai Lama, neologisms like “Riefenstahlesque”, America’s hypocritical anti-Chinese campaign to distract from the financial crisis, and the Japanese right wing calling China “sankokujin with criminal DNA”.

January 7, 2009 @ 1:51 am | Comment


January 7, 2009 @ 1:53 am | Comment


Nice to see you still didn’t answer the question

@ yourfriend

Sorry my mistake, you are right as I didn’t misread your point. You didn’t state that yourself but mentioned that this was the attitude of the young people within china itself.

I have never stated that western countries have never made mistakes in their former colonies or in their attitudes to other countries you are making your own assumptions now. I am simply stating that as you correctly pointed out too much emphasis is placed by mainland Chinese on blaming foreigners specifically without thinking that a lot of the issues China has had have been of their own making. What other countries have done in the past and present is not excusable I agree, but What China has also done in the past and in the present is also not excusable. The sword cuts both ways, not just sticking your head in the sand and blaming everyone else for your problems. From 1949 China closed itself off to the world for 30 years and achieved what exactly? Except a lot of poverty and mindless deaths! It was only when it decided to open up to the world that things started to change for the better. As for all the bad blood that Chinese have sure everyone has problems with other people even in the same country. But then other countries don’t tend to keep repeating it and repeating it ad nauseam about how they have been victimized by everyone… Ok maybe Israel is another example in that regard. Most countries try to get over it and move on. People have more in common with each other than they think

Not sure where you are coming from on the western men whining about unattractive Chinese women. how did that get into the conversation?

January 7, 2009 @ 10:16 am | Comment

Answer what question? As a matter of fact I have been answering your retarded questions over and over again, you are just so dumb to deny them.
Please don’t show off your unbelievable stupility any more because it’s really not something to be proud of.

January 7, 2009 @ 8:19 pm | Comment

My absolute last comment on this blog:

@Stuart (Comment 99)

““May I ask what is wrong with admitting to be a victim? Did we choose to be victim?”

Because you and your generation weren’t the victim of anything and the people of today’s Japan (or Britain, France, Russia, etc) weren’t the perpetrators. The victimhood game, as has been suggested, is a cheap political tool used by the Chinese government to maintain the nationalistic sentiments of resentment and distrust towards foreigners. So much for opening up.

I quoted the whole comment because I think this is a typical westerner’s opinion toward China, not to judge that it is bad, just to say it’s typical. Western guys may be call it “victimhood game” because you (depending on your country) as a outsider or a invaders’ descendent can see it in a way that you are not involved or you are a benefit receiver of it. Remember, we are all human, we human have feelings. When the outsiders and the benefit receivers of the historical incidence are speaking, their feelings about the incidence is totally different from that of the victims descendent. To set a very simple example, I just saw a documentary made by NHK about the war between China and Japan during 1937-1945, I have to admit that some of the analysis in the doc is very good and rather objective, but for me, it is always a war during which tens of millions of Chinese people were slaughtered by Japanese, anybody in the world has the right to give all the slaughtering incidences some reasoning, and I have to say that some of them could be somewhat objective, but to me, these incidences will always be extremely painful, simply, just simply because those people who died have the same blood as mine! Yes, you are right on the fact that the wars does not belong to my generation, but that does not mean that you can entitle “vitimhood” to the fact that we show our pain and indignation to those type of history. It is unfair and inhuman to do that! No matter what party is ruling our country, what type of education we have, which generation we belong to, as long as we know that part of history, we Chinese, collectively, will always have to remember the history and will have the same feeling toward that part of history!!! Don’t try to turn Chinese showing their feelings to conseqences of communist policital affairs, and don’t try to use the “you are not the exact person who participated the war” excuse to rip one of the most basic human rights from us – the right to remember and feel pain about our past. And don’t try to link this feeling to hostility towards western world because those are two different things. As a matter of fact, some people have hostility toward western world not because our education or the communist party, but because some westerner do not have any concern about Chinese’s feeling but just keep on pushing their rediculous ideas about Chinese history to Chinese people and keep on teasing them by sprinkle salts on their wounds and than say: “you should not feel pain because it’s not right! The wounds do not belong to you!”. To face this kinda of teasing and insults we sometimes have to stand up and repeat our principles and then you will have a chance to say “see how stupid these Chinese are, and look how hostile they are toward us! must because they are ruled by communist!” Well actually, it’s because some westerner is too close-minded and self-centered to see that they are stepping on someones’ wound and try telling them they should not feel pain! For those kinda people, I would have to say : “F*ck u!” Yes, I am saying that to you, GUY! and all the people like you!

In fact, all of the words here in this blog are wasted, because all the discussions can be written by the following pattern:
Westerner: You Chinese are wrong, because you are ruled by Communist, and Communist is bad!
Chinese: You are wrong about us, not only we don’t think communist is perfect, but also what you think you know about our country is not completely true !
Westerner: You Chinese are wrong, because you are ruled by Communist, and Communist is bad!
Chinese: …… What the …..

WHAT THE…… !!!

January 8, 2009 @ 7:08 am | Comment


The question where I asked you to explain in detail why 8 armies, that didn’t like each other, just decided to go and invade Beijing. I gave my opinion based on what I understand happened. You stated this was all rubbish so I asked you to give your reasoning for why that happened. Perhaps if you opened your eyes and read my comments you might see that… Or maybe you just can’t answer it so you just do the usual “I don’t know the answer so I will just call the foreigner stupid and ignorant”.

You are the one getting all bent out of shape about it because it doesn’t fit your picture perfect view… So who is the stupid one… or maybe we should say the ignorant one.

Regarding your reply to Stuart, every country has been a victim at some point in time. But they don’t all keep bringing it up in conversations every time something happens with another country that did something to China in the past. I don’t think anyone believes that the Chinese should not remember the past, should not mourn those that have died, as everyone does, it is when they raise issues on the fact that when a foreign government does something that the Chinese don’t like, immediately many people will start complaining about all the bad things those countries did centuries ago. Just deal with the issue at hand instead of bringing up what happened in the past. You will never be able to move forward properly if that is something you can never get over. What happened in the past was in the past. Learn from it and move on.

I would ask why Chinese do that. Is it for the reasons you gave? Or is it because of the fact that this is constantly repeated on the TV on the internet, in classes at school, at sites of Chinese humiliation? The point is every country could use the same reasoning that you gave, so why don’t the people of those countries do that? Some do I am sure, but no way near to the same level as one tends to see here. So then is this really a type of indoctrination? Is it something that can help bring a country together? Sure it can. I think many people would call it nationalism… but then who were the most nationalist countries in the last century? Germany and Japan and look what they did? So a little bit is ok it can bring a country together, give them a purpose, but too much… No wonder many countries in the area are worried about Chinese intentions.

January 8, 2009 @ 11:24 am | Comment


Okay so now I get where you’re coming from about the Nazi thing because your grandparents were murdering, fascist Nazis.

Right, all Germans are Nazis, all Japanese are killers, all Anglo-Saxons are racists, only the great Han people are innocent victims.

Ridiculous. The young Chinese of this generation have grown up in poverty and destitution because of the actions of foreign countries.

Right out of the CCP propaganda handbook. Whatever bad happened or is happening in China is caused by evil foreign forces.

Sentiments of resentment and distrust of Americans and Europeans is very warranted worldwide, until they make genuine amends for their crimes.

Since you are American, I suggest you start making amends.

Then again the only people I hear complaining about China’s “openness” are spoiled Western men whining that only unattractive Chinese women will spread their legs for them.

If you don’t stop talking about women in such a nasty way, you will never find a girlfriend. Take a piece of advice from a grown-up man!

January 8, 2009 @ 7:27 pm | Comment

Ferin, I do have to agree with mor on this one. (I didn’t notice the obscene remark until now.) You were actually making sense until that idiotic ad hominem. Do I really need to warn you yet again?

January 8, 2009 @ 10:35 pm | Comment

I won’t worry about “future ultra-nationalist threat from China” if I were you. China has a history of collapsing on itself due to internal corruption. Just read Chinese history and you will see how every dynasty, including the great ones such as Tang and Han, fell into decay after only the first one or two great kings. Yes, Chinese can claim not to be aggressors, at least to others, but their history is full of brutally to their own people. Dictators slaughter Chinese by the millions. How many “modern Chinese” you talked to would admit that failed policies of their Great Leader Mao had led to the starvation and death of tens of millions. Of course, almost every other country has similar atrocities in their history, but Chinese tend to ignore that when they argue with people on how great and gentle they are. They went into a frenzy when Japanese businessmen held a sex junket in one of their cities, when these ladies of the night are doing great business with Chinese, Americans,…etc all the time. They complaint about the Japanese changing their history book (rightly so), but they dare not say anything about their own history books being rewritten.

As for anti-cnn, I won’t spend my precious time on that. Yes, there are Chinese who are outraged by the CNN comment, but many of the posts, in anti-cnn and other in-China political forums, are written by people from the . ‘uh..Public relations..bureau. One of the “funniest” replies I read is from someone defending their “officials” as not “thugs and goons”, but “father-mother officers” because they take such good care of their children. Yes, sure, there are no corrupted, inhumane, and despotic officials in China.

If you go to a Chinese forum you will find plenty of complaints about China. But as soon as the same complains are voiced by anyone outside of China, they will be met with angry voices from “patriotic” Chinese. (Again, that is usually true for any nation.)

The government of China is making an all out effort to foster “racial” consciousness by promoting “Racial” unity. If you are a Chinese, you are a “Chinese” under the umbrella of “China’s Chinese. If does not matter if you are a 2nd, or 3rd generation Chinese, or that you left China because you hated their government, or that you are still surviving members of the Nationalist party living in Taiwan who does not consider themselves not defeated yet (pathetic though. I am not for them either!).

January 11, 2009 @ 4:33 am | Comment

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