Was Tibet the Storm Before the Calm

Via a link this great blogger left on Facebook, I found this very entertaining article. Is it based in any reality? I have no idea. My first instinct is to believe BOCOG and their PR people (my competitors) could never begin to have the PR acumen to choreograph such a delicate operation, but who knows? Definitely read it, especially if you are interested in the PR, Olympics and fairy tales.

The final section made me smile; the picture it paints is awfully rosy:

….China now has stakes in some of the great symbols of the western corporate world – such as Merrill Lynch and BP. China is starting to push back. Many young Chinese know that the likeliest outcome for the short-to-mid-term future is for Chinese companies and organisations to initiate a fresh and startling process of globalisation. More and more of the international agenda is now in China’s hands to shape.

So as western journalists write the Olympic stories they had already planned months before, delivering them to an audience who are already suspecting them – and thus deprived of their element of surprise and shock – the Chinese people, like sensible people anywhere, will be relaxing, sitting back, looking at this event and seeing it for what it is – a mere three weeks of corporate frenzy, redeemed by a few sublime moments of sporting excitement, which will dissolve almost as soon as it is over. When it is, the Chinese people will be able to continue the remarkable journey they began many decades ago – and which, unlike the Olympics, really can and will change the world.

No doubt their journey has been remarkable, and it’s already changed the world, painful as that is for some to acknowledge. Whether it’s sustainable or ultimately built on sand no one can say. What I can say with authority is that the author is a little bit giddy about China’s rise, which, as much as I want it to go on, is a lot more tenuous than you’d know from reading this article.


As a lot of you know, I’ve been too busy and in too many airports and hotels to give this site any attention the past few weeks and my heart definitely isn’t in it. I’m trying to get back into it, but it just can’t be a high priority for me right now.


Richard Burger is the author of Behind the Red Door: Sex in China, an exploration of China's sexual revolution and its clash with traditional Chinese values.

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Yeah, I guess in China my believing that people have spiritual worthiness and that they are more than just eating working machines would have me labeled anti revolutionary, believing in feudal superstition, evil black class rightist or this or that…The CCP has had a lot of success in forming a culture against belief in values.

I don’t mind if I am criticized. I am not worried that my feelings will be hurt. There’s nothing wrong with having a discussion where you might be criticized, I think it’s part of nature and it’s a good thing because maybe you think you are right but someone can point to something you didn’t see…

If this was China though, the things I said would have me more than worried about having my feelings hurt by the mobs of commies, yeah, I would be accused of subverting state authority or undermining the communist party and would be totally messed up. The ubernationalists worry that people will have their feelings hurt be people standing for human rights, FEELINGS!! And are they at all worried about the dissidents being tortured to death? Do they ever think it might be bad that the whole country is under threat by CCP so as they dont say the wrong stuff? It makes no sense. It seems that their values are about being good propagandists for their propaganda motherland (sorry to insult the country, I do really like China in other context) Other than following the party line, what values do Chinese have these days? I know am again speaking from my personal bias towards human dignity and value, it’s a question of philosophy I guess and its all open for discussion.

Is Tibet issue a storm before the calm? I think that will depend on peoples standards they hold for the future, and level of ignorance. Apparently USA is subordinate state of China cause the states owes China so much money… Anyway,

good’ay all (- :

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And something else also interesting


Written in 1922 by Bertrand Russell

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