Beijing Newspeak: “So someone’s telling porkies”

Our Man at Xinhua (Beijing Newspeak) posts about the internal struggle to put the mysterious illness gutting Guangdong’s pig population into the proper perspective. Xinhua reports 300 swine down but AP in Hong Kong and other sources have the number much higher. Sadly, we’ve seen this before.

BNS notes that recent media reports on the rise of pork in China–including one YJ and I saw on CCTV one this week–all mention a “rise in prices in Guangdong” but fail to mention any connection to the illness. At this time, nobody seems to know just how serious the problem is, but the post by Beijing Newspeak is not particularly encouraging.

(I strongly encourage everyone to read the linked post before commenting.)

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Bad habbit never changes; if it is OK to cover up, they’ll do it; and they can find whatever reasons to reason away. There is no people dies yet, right, and you don’t swallow tooth paste any way, what a bunch of crooks.

May 25, 2007 @ 9:25 am | Comment

Dear American people and U.S. Congress,

It’s time to open your eyes regarding the basic agenda and very real
threat posed by communist China, that country you love to put on an
exotic pedestal festooned with technicolored tourist photos and pretty
Chinese movie stars. But let’s not beat around the bush here or mince
words: China is a dictatorship ruled by an agressive Communist Party
that does not believe in human freedom, human dignity, or even life,
morality and the pursuit of happiness.

Stop your love affair with communist China right now. Wake up and
smell the Starbucks being roasted by Chinese chauvinists inside the
Forbidden City tourist trap. China is out to squash America and will
use every means possible to attain this end. This is not your
grandfather’s China. This is the Chinese Communist Party of the PRC.
It is a not a “republic” and it is not run by the people or for the
people. It is the old USSR in Chinese clothing. Does the name Lenin
ring a bell?

China is not our friend, by any stretch of the imagination. Yes, Gong
Li is zaftig gorgeous, and Zhang Yiyi is slim and beautiful, but
please don’t get distracted by China’s Hollywood exports. Don’t be
fooled by the 2008 Beijing Olympics “show”. China’s leaders, like the
leaders of the old Soviet Union, are bent on world domination. Fly too
close to Hainan Island and they’ll shoot your planes down.

The Chinese communist rulers have sworn on Lenin’s tomb to rule the
world their way, and no amount of friendly smiles and warm handshakes
will change their agenda. It is not a free, democratic country and
never will be, at least not as it is currently set up. Don’t be
fooled, America. Wake up now to the threat posed by this communist

Did someone say pet food? Did someone say toothpaste? Do you remember
who dumped dangerous chemicals into a Chinese river and didn’t alert
residents living downriver? Who burns coal in coal-fired power plants
as if there was no tomorrow? Does the term “acid rain” ring a bell?

Remember this: China is a country that covers up its SARS and bird flu
cases. Global warming? China’s leaders never heard of that Western
concept. God? There is no God for China, and as for Judeo-Christian
ethics or morality, forget it. China is one of the most godless
nations on Earth. So why is America sucking up to China?

This China you so love to do business with (there, I’ve said it!) is
dangerous. This China needs to be confronted. This China needs to be
halted. This China has no claims over Taiwan. This China needs is an
Asian Gorbachev to arise and lead his people to freedom and democracy.
Will America help him when he appears?

America, wake up. China is polluting the world, and not only with CO2
emissions and atmospheric pollutants. If you hated the old USSR, you
should hate the current PRC. Different clothing, same evil empire.
There should be no compromise with this fascist state. There should be
no more Hollywood champagn toasts or Gong Li moments.

China is dangerous to the American and European way of life. Darfur?
You know the drill.

Stop kissing the ground the PRC stands on. Tear down that Great Wall
of Lies and Deception — full of state-sanctioned cover-ups and
fabrications. America needs a transparent, democratic China. And the
Chinese people, God bless them, are up to it. But it’s leaders are
getting down to state-controlled business as usual on a daily basis,
and America seems to turn a blind eye.

Wake up, America. Before. It. Is. Too. Late.

May 31, 2007 @ 3:07 pm | Comment

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