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You simply have to see this to believe it. Jaw-dropping. And dig that canned laughter in the video. I’ve never seen such embarrassing drivel, not even on Fox News. At least O’Reilly and Hannity are entertaining, in a grotesque, perverted sort of way. This is pure racist, tasteless, revoltingly unfunny garbage.

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Did you really think it was racist? I thought it was satire of the ga-ga-ness of Barackomania. Oh, well, wasn’t that funny, as you said.

February 16, 2007 @ 12:40 am | Comment

See the comments in the Digby post I linked to for the racism argument. And yes, I agree with them.

February 16, 2007 @ 8:31 am | Comment

Much as I hate anything Fox, I didn’t find it particularly racist. Just lame.

Some of the images they used for the Obama segment were stereotypical “in da hood” looking black people, but they balanced it with Obama supporters who looked like what a rightist perceives a typical shabby liberal to be. I suppose you could consider the “B.O.” stuff to be a stinker, racially, but it IS supposed to be a satire.

It’s just that when the powerful make fun of the weak, it comes across as mean-spirited. Plus, rightists just don’t seem to have as good a sense of humour as lefties. P.J. O’Rourke can pull it off sometimes, but I’m trying to think of other conservative funnymen who don’t flop like Dennis Miller and I’m having a hard time of it.

February 16, 2007 @ 9:30 pm | Comment

Dear Sirs: It took me years to become a Fox news fan. Let me share what got me, “you” stopped asking interview questions like “Do you have any feelings of forgiveness toward the man who killed your entire family and sold their organs to a chinese restaurant in Singapore?”. Yet you still think that everyone has forgotten the treasonable crap Geraldo Rivera pulled in Iraq. An arrogant dilettant is hardly the person who inspires believeability. Arn’t we supposed to LIKE the person delivering the news ?. Self importance doesn’t seem like a trait you would want in a news personality. Yet, here he is all over your programming. Am I the only one asking “What are you thinking ?”
I don’t have a lot of critical moments, so let me share it all. Anna Nichole and Brittany are NOT 24/7 newsworthy. Can you say
“adnauseam ” ? Lets share some sympathy and move on. Is that what you think the “people” want ? Or do you suppose that people are thinking “Its another slow news day, lets find another news and see what the real news is”. Yes, lets switch over to some mean-spirited prick who’s loud, rude and doesn’t let his, or her, victim finish a sentence.
This behavior engenders sympathy for the victim in the most unlikely cases. It actually made me feel momentarily sorry for several criminals and politicans. This is scary stuff !!
Thanks for the platform.
Respectfully submitted. FJA, Key West

February 23, 2007 @ 12:50 am | Comment

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