This job would be great if it wasn’t for the f**king customers

A video store clerk gets fired after blogging about his argument with a nasty customer named Tucker Carlson. If you’ve seen Clerks (or Clerks II), blogger Freelance Genius is a real live Randal Graves. He lost his job, but Tucker lost his dignity. A snip of the argument:

Tucker: If you keep this shit up, I will f**king destroy you.

The Genius (Me): Whoah, perhaps you would like to take this outside where you can continue threatening me without disturbing the other customers.

Tucker: *Looks out the window, then back at me* I am not threatening you.

The Genius: You just said you would f**king destroy me.

Tucker: No, I didn’t.

Did you know his bowties double as deadly ninja throwing stars? Paul Begala isn’t alive, he’s just someone Tucker Carlson spared from destruction.

The Discussion: One Comment

I had always thought that carving people up with my wit in the store and to their face was going to be the thing that got me fired. I never suspected that joking about a guy on my blog while respecting his privacy would do it.
Customer: “Why do I have all these late fees?”
Me: “Its pretty simple really.”
Customer: “Oh yeah?”
Me: “You keep the movies past their due date.”

January 12, 2007 @ 12:40 am | Comment

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