Ain’t it true?

From a favorite on my blogroll, indexed, titled “You’re online? You’ll be okay”, a sobering reflection on our current internet woes:

You're online? You'll be ok

UPDATE: Onemanbandwidth, a.k.a. “An American Professor Teaching in Guangzhou China Expat SEO Trade Consultant Blog” a.k.a. “AAPTIGCESTCB” has a post that nicely dovetails with this: lists of new experiences excerpted from a Chinese 24 year olds first visit to North America. Most notable: “tap water” and “taking a sauna in a house”.

The Discussion: One Comment

What a great find Indexed is….Thanks!

I have been in Macau all week and their Internet is perfect….I am now back on the mainland Internet Hutong….

Greetings from Guangzhou…

January 12, 2007 @ 8:52 pm | Comment

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