Maotai – organic, green and good for health!

Just go there. I’ll never forget gagging after my first sip of what tasted like diesel fuel.

Update: And damn, those comments are funny.

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Good God. Slava Bogu. nnnn’ cchhhhORT! OY!

I’ve had some bad Russian vodka, and bad Russian vodka makes GOOD Russian vodka seem like ambrosia, like what the gods drink.

And yet, ALL maotai makes the even the worst kind of Russian vodka seem like champagne.


Meanwhile, recently I found this video music clip of the Russian pop-music Diva, Alla Pugacheva (who was around 60 years old in this clip, which says a lot about the difference between pop culture in Russia and China), singing the song, “Snow” in a recent winter concert.

I offer this to any and all TPD-ers who live in cold climates. This is what GOOD vodka is like (when shared among the best kinds of Russians), and I offer this song to all of you, to sustain you warmly through the winter (and also to give you a better sense of what Russians are REALLY like!)

Here you go. GOOD vodka is a lot like this performance by Alla Pugacheva, and her warm Russian audience too. Let this song (titled “Snow”) sustain you all through the winter, and may anything and everything you drink this winter, make you feel this way. NAS’ Z’DROVYE!

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