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Virtual China, which has lots of cool stuff, has pointed out, a Chinese photosharing site that started just a couple of months ago and is getting alot of activity. Virtual China refers to it as citizen journalism – which in some cases it undoubtedly is. So I thought I’d see what kind of coverage “laowai” get. My translations are crap, and some of these I’m really not sure what exactly they mean. Corrections are most welcome. Have at it.

Long Haired Beautiful Girl with Bald Laowai!! 长�美女和秃头�外�
Comment: Is this lady grabbing his ass or his wallet?这个美女是摸摸�外的�股呢还是摸他的钱包呢?

Laowai Rule the Streets, Violate Sovereignty! �外治街,侵犯主�!
(laowai John-athan and Keli apparently got to do a day in the life of a traffic cop)
Comment: (Something about the foreign media crapping on the PSB) �心被人�死,到时候国外媒体就有��诬蔑中国治安了

Check Out Laowai and Chinese Beauties Eating Food 看到�外和中国美女�饭 (and *gasp* the laowai were late and left the lovely ladies waiting)
Comment: (Don’t reckon those are women, they’re all “Dreams of Red Mansions” – meaning? I have a guess…) ä¸?算美女,都是红楼一梦

Laowai Spotted Studying Chinese on the Subway 地�上看到�外在学中文
Comment: If you know 2000-3000 Chinese characters you can read the newspaper, if you know 2000-3000 English words can you do the same? 认识两三�个汉字就能基本读书看报了,认识两三�个英文��,你能读书看报�?

Laowai Publicize Civilized Etiquette on the Streets of Yiniao, Zhejiang 浙江义乌 “�外�上街宣传文明礼仪
Comment: In this weather that foreign woman’s headscarf must be really hot 这么热的天那个女è€?外头上还戴个围巾多热呀

Laowai Sports Crazy Long Body Hair 城��到外国人的毛�好夸张
Comment: So you can say foreigners haven’t completely evolved, not as advanced as Chinese 所以说外国人进化ä¸?完全,没有中国人先进.
Second Comment: Truly nonsense 真正的无�

Hot Foreign Chicks Spotted While on Subway å??城é“?看到漂亮的外国妹妹
Comment: (huh? Something about taking surreptiously photographing her?) �现�主��她了

Foreign Tourist Rides Three Wheeler 外国游人骑三轮游姑�
Comment: Eat alot of hamburgers, need alot of exercise. Not everybody who rides a three wheeler does it for money, bosses aren’t always lucky 汉堡包å?ƒå¤šäº†ï¼Œæ´»åŠ¨æ´»åŠ¨ã€‚人家骑三轮ä¸?是为了挣钱,è€?æ?¿å„¿ä¸?一定都是祥å­?

Xi’an Beggar and His American Friend Eat on the Street!
Comment: American Madman arrives in China to become a wise man (?) 美国疯�跑到中国就�哲人了
Second Comment: Performance art? 行为艺术�?

Aonier (Omar?) Cool Tiananmen Photos 奥尼尔在天安门�酷照
Comment: Must be an American peasant, so dirty 估计是美国农民,这么土阿

Eye-catching(tr?): Spied Beauties Swimming Naked! ��美女裸泳�
Comment: Foreign womens upper bodies look pretty much the same as Chinese mens (??) 外国女人裸上身就跟中国男人光�膀�一样平常

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The Discussion: 6 Comments

I guess there must be smoke coming out of the ears of those MIT guys! 😀

October 22, 2006 @ 11:21 pm | Comment

Well … how wude! And after all the nice things we say/do for the visiting Chinese over this a’way…I’m deeply hurt. Something about Big Head vs. Little Head? Not sure….

October 23, 2006 @ 12:37 am | Comment

Right. “Citizen journalism”. Har bloody har.

Also, surprised nobody caught this, but the man in the fourth pic isn’t studying Chinese, but rather reading what I think is a David Sedaris book (ugh – no wonder Americans letters is going to pot!)

Oh, and the comment for the sunbathing pic translates to ‘for foreign women, going topless is as commonplace as going sleeveless is for Chinese men”.

Some of those comments can be pretty racist. And that ain’t crazy long hair, that’s merely pleasant peach fuzz! And I should know – I’ve seen body hair you can knit a sweater out of. (ewww….)

October 23, 2006 @ 5:23 am | Comment

奥尼尔在天安门å‰?é…·ç…§ — 奥尼尔 is “O’Neal,” as in “Shaquille.” Which reminds me of something I heard about the Nigerian gentlemen who’ve cornered the drug trade in Sanlitun here: most of them are undocumented, as the general method of getting into the country is to have someone sign up at a school, get a multiple-entry student visa, and then mail their passport home as soon as they arrive in China. Then their friends/relatives/fellow gang members use it to come to China, since the people at Border Conrol are incapable of telling the difference between black people. Hell, they don’t do so good with white people, either; I get taken for Uyghur every now and then.

Re: the “OMG a foreigner reading Chinese!” pic — this is why I hate riding the subway. Every now and then someone will spot me reading something in Chinese and ask if I can really read those characters, to which my response is usually “Yes, can you?” Even more obnoxious are the ones who then try to get me to read aloud to prove that I’m not just squinting at the squiggly lines, though fortunately they’re not as common as they used to be. Of course, I still get plenty of the “look, it can talk” thing through my Chinese blog.

å°?心被人ç ?死,到时候国外媒体就有è¯?æ?®è¯¬è”‘中国治安了 — I’d translate it as “Better not let him get stabbed — then the foreign media will have cause to slander the state of security in China.” What wit.

October 23, 2006 @ 6:26 am | Comment

Nausicaa, please don’t insult my Italian former girlfriend. At least she knew how to knit!

October 23, 2006 @ 10:23 am | Comment

this website is famous for citizen journalism in China. A promising youtube like 2.0 web. Cool. The comments to foreigners only represented very small part of Chinese.

October 24, 2006 @ 4:49 pm | Comment

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