Dean Esmay to Michelle Malkin: Can you stop being a racist?

What a day. Lots of conservatives laying into other conservatives. So refreshing. Today, one of my least favorite bloggers seems to have had an epiphanous moment, recognizing Michelle Malkin for the unbridled, unapologetic racist she so proudly is. His complaint is that Malkin fails to draw distinctions between Muslims and Muslims who commit acts of terrorism. He says, quite rightly, that her lumping them together as a single enemy would be akin to the US in WWII declaring a war to the death with all people of Germanic heritage, or with all Asian people. This, of course, is what Malkin and her soulmate Charles Johnson do every day – they insist all Muslims are potential terrorists and enemies

I will note again, as I often have, that during World War II there were Filipinos who were ethnically Japanese and who spoke Japanese, but who allied with us against the Japanese Empire. Fought and in some cases died alongside our boys in the South Pacific. Some of them were even United States citizens, and served invaluable roles as translators and in propaganda efforts (and “propaganda” is not a necessarily a dirty word by the way).

Furthemore the Chinese, as much as they “looked Japanese” to American eyes, were also welcome allies against Tojo’s Japan.

I think that many of America’s rightists–including, sadly, Michelle Malkin–have done a piss-poor job of making such vital distinctions. Indeed, I would like to publicly challenge Michelle Malkin: you’ve said you’ve stopped using terms like “Islamo-fascist” and “Islamic radicals” because they don’t make sense. Oh really? Then how is it, Michelle, that you guys at Hot Air and still approvingly highlight statements by America’s Iraqi and Afghan allies, like Hamid Karzai and Nouri al-Maliki? They are Muslims. Born and bred Muslims. They’re Muslims right now. They will almost certainly die Muslim. So why do you treat them like enemies and liars?

I’m making an open appeal to your conscience, Michelle Malkin, and to the conscience of conservatives everywhere: shouldn’t you start making a distinction between Muslims who hate us and want to kill us, and Muslims who believe in freedom, democracy, and religious tolerance?

Conscience? What conscience?? Somewhere in that filthy, spider-webbed attic that is Michelle’s mind, you may find an odd remnant or or two of what used to be her conscience, but trust me, those faded little pieces are beyond repair. When she wrote a book endorsing the internment of entire races, she threw away her soul, and there’s no retrieving it. Someone as smart as Esmay – not my favorite blogger, but no idiot – surely understands this.

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Ironic to read this about Malkin on the same day of the obit for Tokyo Rose. An Asian woman who broadcast propaganda harmful to the U.S. Tokyo Rose, I mean, not Michelle.

T.R. was tried and convicted of treason (not by a military tribunal.) But she was pardoned by Gerald Ford because her claptrap was intentionally SO outrageous that it was an obvious satire. Maybe that’s MM’s plan. But we won’t know until after a trial…

September 28, 2006 @ 10:16 pm | Comment

How can being anti-Muslim, — even reflexively, biggotedly anti-Muslim — possibly be described as racist?

Islam is a religion, not a race, and Muslims include large numbers of Arabs, Persians, Africans, Asians and Caucasians.

September 29, 2006 @ 8:33 am | Comment

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