Digby on John “Butcher More Sunnis” Podhoretz

Usually I don’t link to anything Atrios links to, as chances are all intelligent readers have seen it already, but this one was too good not to recommend.


Richard Burger is the author of Behind the Red Door: Sex in China, an exploration of China's sexual revolution and its clash with traditional Chinese values.

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It’s actually Tristero’s post on Digby’s blog – but yes, it’s a good one.

July 30, 2006 @ 1:32 pm | Comment

This is sort of off-topic, but is John Podhoretz related to Norman Podhoretz?

July 30, 2006 @ 2:56 pm | Comment

Never mind. I just googled, and yes he is.

I guess the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree.

July 30, 2006 @ 2:58 pm | Comment

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