The death of a blogger: Sad beyond words

This really upset me. I don’t know anything about him, except that he apparently taught English in Korea and then in China, where he took his life a couple of days ago. He blogged here and here. Apparently he was in his mid-20s.

Via The Marmot. Good comments over there.

(Several of these links will be blocked in China. Sorry about that.)

How scary. Depression is a serious thing. Don’t take it lightly. Sleep disorders aren’t simply a nuisance, they can be hell on earth and turn every waking moment into a nightmare. I’m sure there’s more behind it than sleep alone (bi-polar disorder seems a strong possibility), but that seems to have been Shawn’s lynchpin.

Update: Many other heartbreaking comments here.

Here is the story in Chinese, with a diagram of the building/window from which he made his final exit.

You can see his photo and bio here.

The Discussion: One Comment

I read Shawn’s final entry on his Korea blog and was amused by the story about being charged for everything at the Korean restaurant. I think the management was scamming him because I’ve never been charged for kimchi, coal, or anything else at any Korean restaurant in China.

June 2, 2006 @ 8:04 am | Comment

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