Cranking up the Wurlitzer

Glenn Greenwald offers a brilliant case study of how the right wing, whenever it perceives itself to be under sttack, cranks up the Great GOP Wurlitzer to destroy the crediblity of the “attacker.” All the usual suspects are in on this one, and as usual, the most savage and resonant keywords are flying: antisemite! moonbat! radical leftist! The opening salvo Greenwald hurls at the other Glenn is priceless (what a moron). No wonder Greenwald is fast becoming the most popular liberal blogger.

Of course, if you look at the evidence, there is literally zero trace of antisemitism. A criticism of Israel, yes, and that’s the third rail, instant death, especially with windbags like Chuckles Johnson so eager to spread the good cheer. Absolutely anyone, no matter how esteemed their background and credentials, who questions the president must be ready to be drawn and quartered by the right wing noise machine. Anyone want to take bets on how long it takes for Seann Hannity to pick up on this and further destroy the reputation of a brave citizen?

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Doesn’t seem to be an open thread anymore, but check it out:

May 6, 2006 @ 7:43 am | Comment

Even more disturbing:
Check out that photo! At least he’ll have another Kennedy for company…

May 6, 2006 @ 7:48 am | Comment

Keir, am I missing something or is that a male prostitute they’re saying gave them the pictures?

May 6, 2006 @ 8:13 am | Comment

I think it’s a joke. The blurred photo is Jeff/Jim Gannon/Gluckert. Though he very well COULD be involved!

May 6, 2006 @ 11:42 am | Comment

I was wondering about that blurred bald head.

May 6, 2006 @ 9:02 pm | Comment

Yes, definitely a parody. Sorry for being too dense to see that right away!

May 6, 2006 @ 9:04 pm | Comment

HAHAHA! I was taken in (for 2 seconds) until I read that it was announced during Goss’s press conference, which all the other outlets failed to report.
But in the Observer today there’s an article about Beijing’s ‘ducks’- male prostitutes. I think one of my students is doing this sort of work on the side….,,1769387,00.html

May 7, 2006 @ 2:43 am | Comment

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