“Only Libby”

As usual, the Powerline wankers are leading the spin with this typically asinine headline: “Indictment Paints Grim Picture, But Only for Libby.”

As if Libby were in a vacuum. As if Cheney and the others had no idea, and had no say. As if yesterday’s indictment of Libby is the end of the whole episode and absolutely no one else is in the prosecutor’s sites. (If so, why not say so and wrap it all up; Fitzgerald is very straightforward..) Are Assrocket’s readers so dumb that they can actually believe such nonsense? Haven’t they noticed the investigation is open, and Libby’s trial could catapult all sorts of embarrassing information into the public eye?

The sub-spin is, well yes, perjury is very, very naughty, but it’s not really that bad and the fact that no one was indicted for outing Plame is proof the administration did nothing wrong until Libby lied to the grand jury.

All I can say is, not so fast. The show hasn’t even started; we’re still listening to the overture and the fat lady hasn’t begun to sing. The VP’s chief of staff indicted: it is simply unprecedented, and the ripple effect will shake DC to its roots. And as for Rove, he’s as much in the woods today as he was last week. I suspect we’ll be hearing very little from Turd Blossom in the days ahead, as he’s going to be very, very preoccupied.

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