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For those of you in the Wild, Wild East, it’s already July 1 — Canada Day, Princess Diana’s birthday, and my own. Discuss. (Discussion not limited to my birthday; that would get lethally dull fast.)


Richard Burger is the author of Behind the Red Door: Sex in China, an exploration of China's sexual revolution and its clash with traditional Chinese values.

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Congratulations FSN9, very well deserved I’m sure. It’s always nice to hear good news.

July 1, 2005 @ 9:40 am | Comment

O’Connor is retiring from the Supreme Court. What a birthday present, eh Richard?

Maybe you can sell your house to her.

July 1, 2005 @ 10:04 am | Comment

Not such a good birthday present; she’s a lot better than anyone shrub is going to nominate to replace her. She cast the deciding vote in 1992 to basically preserve Roe vs. Wade. How much do you want to bet Bush’s new judge will be less open minded?

Per one of your comments in an earlier thread…I’m sorry for not writing up the recent gay marriage victories abroad. I look forward to watching the sanctity of marriage disintegrate in Spain and Canada, leading us an age of lawlessness and godlessness. Seriously, I see it as incredibly great news, but it’s a topic I steer clear of because I feel at this point in America it’s no use talking about it. The GOP just uses it to victimize us even more. I am on my partner’s health insurance, and if an initiative passes in Arizona, spwned by the spectre of gay marriage, I’m at risk. I’m between a rock and a hard place — I have stifle my belief because to express it exacerbates the situation and creates reaction that can directly hurt me. Tough one. I am for it, but I feel it’s got to be a little later down the road, when politics is a little less demagogical.

July 1, 2005 @ 10:19 am | Comment

Oy Vey, so begins the holy war against heathens. Maybe I’ll try to avoid living in the US until 2009. Not sure how to do that though… anyone want to fund me? 🙂

July 1, 2005 @ 11:21 am | Comment

Richard, Laowai, if you or any other bloggers are interested in joining an “end torture and close down guantanamo” campaign, check out this link.

July 1, 2005 @ 11:42 am | Comment

Happy Birthday Richard!

I can vouche for Richard that he NEVER had a mullet! =-)

July 1, 2005 @ 6:25 pm | Comment

Thanks Cathy.

July 1, 2005 @ 6:27 pm | Comment

Happy Birthday, as is said on the cards, belatedly.

I will post about Qingdao on tmore current open thread.

Sam_S that was a beautiful one-liner above.

July 2, 2005 @ 12:15 pm | Comment

“It makes the site more akin to a neo-Nazi site than a supposedly communist site”
yea~that’s right
am a Nazi

am the webmaster of

July 6, 2005 @ 6:03 pm | Comment

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