Shi Tao and media censorship

ESWN is following this story diligently. I see it as a real tragedy. Everytime I think of it I get sick: ten years in prison for giving a foreign reporter what most likely was merely a Party document on what Chinese newsmen can and can’t say. It’s crazy.

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May 1, 2005 @ 4:58 pm | Comment

It could also be Shi Tao’s poetry. Not the poetry itself as subversive, but rather the publication in specific foreign media and therefore association with the authors and publishers of those websites.

Most of the high-profile journalists imprisoned during the last year or so have been published in a small group of US based dissident Chinese language websites. and now

Much like we in the English language blogosphere are aware that we’re less likely to run in to issues with the Net Nanny than Chinese language blogs, I think the CCP are going to allow a strictly defined and narrowly channeled and audience restricted discussion of events and reforms and dirty laundry and punish those who choose to go outside those confines, with specific venues, like US based Chinese language dissident websites, being completely taboo.

May 1, 2005 @ 6:25 pm | Comment

[…] sentences has been an ongoing topic here for many years. But usually these are isolated instances. Shi Tao. Zhao Yan. Hu JIa. Aside from the typical pre-party congress and pre-Tiananmen anniversary sweeps, […]

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