There’s still a war going on

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Children at play….

It’s awfully easy to forget that the bloody war in Iraq is continuing and getting worse. An election sure sounds nice, and I’m glad it happened. But one election does not a free and united country make. So head over to the newly updated Chaos in Iraq, where you’ll be reminded that we are engaged in a tragic and gruesome conflict with no end in sight. We wanted war….

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That’s pretty sad…I hope things get better, but then when you look at who’s running things you don’t have much hope:

now I’m depressed

February 22, 2005 @ 12:31 pm | Comment

Interesting comments and more hyprocrisy from the extreme right.

February 22, 2005 @ 2:16 pm | Comment

That ad you linked to on Kos is so repellent and generated such intense anger that the Rove people already pulled it, thank God. What monsters, preying on people’s prejudices. Vintage Karl Rove, who used the Swift Boat Veteran creators to come up with this new campaign.

February 22, 2005 @ 2:20 pm | Comment

I’ll tell you what, Rove & Co. overreached themselves this time. You do not mess with the AARP.

February 22, 2005 @ 5:07 pm | Comment

from the european perspective all of this seems just so outlandish. as mr bush is visiting the german homeland tonight, a german tv channel had a survey done concerning the question: “what has america brought us?” (literally in german: was hat amerika uns gebracht?) and of course the semantic undercurrent here was intended to be “what do we germans owe the americans” or “what should we be grateful for”? and of course while some ten years back the average answer of the average german to that question was “bubblegum, macdonalds, elvis, and coca cola” (all good things, one might suppose), today the vast majority of people answer: “war”. people get so forgetful.

interesting question, what german people would answer if the question was a possible influence on german culture of the chinese. probably in a few years it will be “a loss of jobs”.

February 23, 2005 @ 6:06 am | Comment

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