Henry Blodget wants story ideas about China’s gold rush

Blodget is the analyst who irresponsibly (and idiotically) said six years ago that Amazon’s stock price should be about $400 a share. Now he’s writing an article for Slate on whether the rush of Western businesses to profit from China’s new growth is justified or self-delusory. And he wants you to give him story ideas:

Maybe you’re an American entrepreneur who has a great story about doing business in China. Maybe you’re a Chinese businessperson who can’t believe how foolish American investors are. Maybe you are someone who knows a great factory I should visit in Shanghai, a brilliant executive I should talk to, or just the right guy in the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation. If you are, please tell me about it (on background, if necessary: I don’t believe in risking one’s career just to get the word out).

So if you have any suggestions for people I should talk to and topics I should study, please e-mail me at chinagoldrush@yahoo.com.

This is very touchy subject, and one I have strong feelings about. Bottom line: China’s a true goldmine for US companies that can take advantage of its light manufacturing capabilities and slave cheap labor. But for those companies planning to get rich selling Bulgari jewelry and Ferraris to the Chinese, I’d say they’re chasing a pipe dream. Oh, and more good comments on this topic here as well.

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