“A Very Long Engagement”

What a great movie. It has everything — gorgeous photography, costumes, soundtrack, actors. It’s a busy, multi-layered work, taking you from the putrid trenches of the Great War, where men are showered in each others’ exploding guts, to scenes of the tenderest intimacy. It’s hard to slot, since it’s part war story, part love story, part murder mystery. It’s French (subtitled), it’s long and it’s complex. And during the first half-hour I was afraid I’d nod off. No need to worry; it soon picks up speed, and before long I was utterly engrossed. The ending borders on the sentimental, but only just; while it is close to a “Hollywood ending,” there’s enough of an air of mystery and unanswered questions to keep it on an art-movie footing. Directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet, who directed Amelie. The sountrack is the most beautiful I’ve heard this year, along with The Passion and Return of the King. Just see it.

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