Founder of USA Today urges end to Iraq War


In a column noting the high number of U.S. military personnel in Iraq who will be far from home on Christmas, USA Today founder Al Neuharth declared today that if he were eligible to serve in Iraq, “I would do all I could to avoid it.” He also wrote in his weekly column for the paper that America’s New Year’s resolution should be to bring the troops home “sooner rather than later.”

Neuharth, 80, a World War II vet, said he would happily volunteer for that kind of “highly moral duty again.” But he would avoid serving in Iraq, likening it to the Vietnam war, which “many of the polticially connected” managed to escape.

He concluded that “support our troops” is a wonderful slogan but “the best way to support our troops thrust by unwise commanders- in-chief into ill-advised adventures like Vietnam and Iraq is to bring them home. Sooner rather than later. That should be our New Year’s resolution.”

Neuharth served in the infantry in World War II in France, Germany and the Philippines. He noted that he and his colleagues in that war were “properly armed and equipped.”

Three more marines were just killed in Fallujah. Patience is really wearing thin.

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