A perfect parody of caught-with-his-pants-down Bill O’Reilly

I always suspected the writer of the World O’Crap blog is a genius. Now I know it. Her parody of Bill O’Reilly talking about his sexpolits in a childrens book is utterly priceless. I swear, I could see and hear O’Reilly saying these things as I read them — she has captured his every intonation. Incredible.

A tiny sample, because you have to read the entire thing.

A while later — it was August 2nd I think — we had a great show on the Factor. I interviewed Condi Rice, President Bush’s National Security Adviser, and we talked about the new information concerning threats against New York, New Jersey and Washington, D.C. You think Condi talks about stuff like this with those hacks on CNN? And I did a great job. That’s why Condi keeps asking me to interview her. Plus, she wants me.

Later, I spoke to Sunrise Adams and Savanna Samson of Vivid Entertainment about their new book, “How to Have A XXX Sex Life.” They are porn stars, kids, so I hope you don’t know anything about them. But the cuter one, Sunrise, kept flirting with me. I guess she doesn’t meet many men as powerful and manly as me in her business. Plus, from reading Those Who Trespass, she knows that I know how to pleasure a woman. It’s all about reading her signals (when she strips down to her panties, it’s usually a sign that she’s in the mood), and about rapid tongue movements.

However, despite her evident longing for me, I had to say no to Sunrise’s implicit offer. (Boys, just because a porn star wants to have sex with you, it doesn’t mean that you have to do it, to prove that you’re a stud or something. Remember that.) Besides, she was being taped in L.A., so it would have been difficult to get together. Sunrise does have nice boobs, though, I gotta admit. Much better than the bimbo’s.

And then it gets really funny. Man, this lady can write. She’s an anonyblogger, but I suspect she’s a professional, probably writing comedy screenplays.

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