Zell and Dick get Fisked

Occasionally we come across a fisking that is so surgical, so ruthless and perfect we can only read it with a sense of wonder. That’s how I felt as I read Fred Kaplan as he deconstructed, line by line, the prevarications and obscene excesses of Zell Miller and Dick Cheney as they spoke last night in NYC.

This is one of those articles I have to urge everyone to read. I am tempted to give some samples, but if I do that you may not read the article. Just leave this site and go there, and see why it’s so important to fact-check everything coming out of the mouths of these liars. As Kaplan says, we expect embellishment and exaggeration at party conventions. But flagrant lies like this simply aren’t acceptable — they’re disgusting. Please see for yourself.

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That sounded kind of frisky.


Oh, and did you see he challenged a repoorter to a duel? Or kinda?

September 2, 2004 @ 10:27 pm | Comment

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