Fafblog on Swift Boat Veterans for Truth

Check it out — Giblets puts the whole thing in perspective. Snip:

* How many purple hearts did John Kerry really earn, two or three? Giblets speculates: NONE AT ALL! Giblets recalls that while John Kerry was flinging himself in front of Viet Cong machine gun fire and rescuing pregnant villagers, he was also saying quite clearly, “If only these fools knew that I was only risking death so that I could accumulate a supply of medals, throw them away during antiwar protests, and use my injuries to climb the political ladder to become the most despicable tyrant America has ever seen!” It’s true I think I have it on tape somewhere.

* He opposed the war! After cravenly fighting in Vietnam for his country, John Kerry then returned to his country to OPPOSE the war in Vietnam – a war that history has proven to be not only justified, but overwhelmingly popular and morally courageous! We Swift Boat Veterans for Trooth™ stood on the right side of history along with Nixon and Agnew and Kissinger and McNamara! Where did John Kerry stand?

Sometimes good satire drives home the simplest trooths. Thank you, Giblets.

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and were does McNamara stand on the Veitnam war now?

August 19, 2004 @ 5:31 pm | Comment

He sees it as a big mistake based on a lie.

August 19, 2004 @ 6:07 pm | Comment

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