Impeach Ashcroft — the sooner the better

Lying under oath is an impeachable offense. We should be especially concerned when it’s about national security (as opposed to a blowjob).

All that hysteria over Clinton — much of it justifiable, because he did a dumb, inappropriate thing. But if Ashcroft did what his critics are claiming, it’s a whole different story. It’s about falsifying the record of our country’s national security preparedness just to cover Ashcroft’s ass. Check out the post; our pompous, self-righteous, oh-so-religious attorney general may be in very hot water.

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Hear! Hear!

June 22, 2004 @ 11:27 pm | Comment

So, you’ve got two different recollections from the principals and one witness backing Ashcroft’s version while another backs Pickard’s. A third witness doesn’t remember any such conversation. There’s no evidence whatsoever indicating that any of the witnesses is lying. And the blogger claims “successful perjury convictions have been built on less.

Yeah, in China maybe. In the US, where the standard of proof is ‘beyond reasonable doubt’, prosecuting someone on this basis would not only be futile, it would be indefensible.

June 23, 2004 @ 12:55 am | Comment

A lie is a lie. There are no in betweens. Integrity is integrity. If your proven guilty, so be it and take the punishment, but until then…….conjecture’s and inuendo’s are still not facts.

June 23, 2004 @ 4:23 am | Comment

Conrad, I’m not literally calling for his impeachment — yet. But there’s certainly strong grounds for suspicion here. We don’t have to impeach Ashcroft — firing him would be good enough.

June 23, 2004 @ 10:42 am | Comment

Conrad’s comment about “futile” and “indefensible” prosecutions are too broad to hold water. Witness credibility in front of a jury or a judge is a factor that cannot be ignored in a realistic appraisal of a case. Ashcroft in front of a jury of peers may have some trouble being credible.

June 25, 2004 @ 4:49 am | Comment

What do you expect? Conrad’s a Republican. One of the smarter ones, granted, but a card-carrying member of the GOP nonetheless. Hopefully if he hangs out here long enough some of iur collective wisdom and political enlightenment will rub off on him….

June 25, 2004 @ 11:06 am | Comment

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