Googlebombing Kerry

We all know where we’re sent when we do an “I’m feeling lucky” Google search for “miserable failure.” Now, the Bushies have their revenge, making the John Kerry campaign site the No. 1 hit if you search for the word “waffles.”

But Kerry’s team has taken a creative approach to the situation and might actually capitalize from it:

The campaign has purchased Google AdWords, sponsored links that come up beside results when certain words are searched. The short links also refer to Kerry’s website, but suggest users “read about President Bush’s Waffles.”

“When we heard people were linking the word ‘waffles’ with John Kerry, our thought was, ‘This is ridiculous,'” said Morra Aarons, Internet grass-roots coordinator for John Kerry for President. “But our solution was to fight fire with fire.”

This is really smart. The list of Bush’s waffles is staggering, but its been drowned out by the noise about Kerry’s alleged flip-flops. Nothing like fighting fire with fire; it’s the only way the Dems can possibly compete with the ruthlessly media-savvy GOP.

Unlike Gore, Kerry will not go gentle into that good night. So come on George, bring’em on.

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