TalkLeft: The joys of Shanghai

A lengthy post over at TalkLeft raves about Shanghai’s modern conveniences and China’s great customer service (“China may be the most service-people friendly country we’ve ever been in”). It even lauds the fact that many Shanghai building are half-empty, which it sees as a brilliant example of long-term planning, the city planners knowing that Shanghai will “grow into” those buildings in the future. (I’ve read other opinions that this is an example of how ridiculously overbuilt the Shanghai area is — especially Pudong — but I honestly don’t know.)

If you’re interested in Shanghai, you’ll want to read this rather breathless post.

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I just love how the entire service record of China can be summed up by a stay in a good Shanghai hotel (sarcasm). I wonder if this reviewer has ever been anywhere else.

April 24, 2004 @ 12:03 am | Comment

Me too. And no mention there of picking up the hotel phone at all hours of the night to be offered a ‘massage’, the water turning brown, finding no-one in reception to return your deposit when you checked out etc. etc.

April 24, 2004 @ 12:44 am | Comment

Shanghai — Pearl of the Pacific

I nearly pissed myself laughing at this post on Talk Left (excerpts in bold italics). Did you know that: [Shanghai is] one of the most technologically advanced cities in the world. Not just in Asia mind you — sorry Tokyo,…

April 24, 2004 @ 2:57 am | Comment

Went over and checked out the Talkleft post. It was perhaps the most amusing post I have read in months. Is this guy for real?

Glad to hear he had the everyday, common man experience of getting picked up in an Audi! I wonder whether he even set foot outside of Pudong.

April 24, 2004 @ 4:33 am | Comment

TalkLeft had posted a comment here but it got deleted accidentally. They left the same comment over at Gweilo Diaries, about how we shouldn’t “bash” their vacation.

April 26, 2004 @ 12:03 pm | Comment

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