Selling digital cameras, Oil of Olay and Ikea in China

That’s the title of a new post I just put up over at Living in China on the unique mindset of the new middle-class Chinese consumer, and how marketing to them is anything but business as usual for the Western marketer and public relations practitioner. I hope you can check it out.

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On a totally unrelated note, did you see in the Asian Century article that the ISD in Singapore contacted Andrea See and worned her to tone down the political content of her blog?

And you thought you left the thought police behind in Beijing. . . .

November 27, 2003 @ 3:51 pm | Comment

What she wrote sounds kind of mild — I don’t think they’d lock her away like they did the Stainless Steel Mouse (who was supposed to be freed but never was). Singapore is trying to look as lberal and as tolerant as it can nowadays, as it desperately fightds to win some of that foreign investment that keeps heading north.

On another note, I tried to post comments on your site, Conrad, but was rejected! It said I am “not allowed to post comments.” Was it something I said? Does it have anything to to with Curious George? Tell me!

November 27, 2003 @ 4:13 pm | Comment

No, you have not been banned. It’s happened to several people. What’s your ISP address and I’ll try to sort it out.

November 27, 2003 @ 6:19 pm | Comment

I just emailed it to you. Thanks.

November 27, 2003 @ 6:43 pm | Comment

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