Liberals and their attitude toward China

An article I prepared for Open Source Politics on China and the liberal mentality has just been posted. Please check it out.

[For various reasons, I had to use a pseudonymonous last name in the article. Mainly it’s because my site delves a bit into my personal life and I don’t want future prospective employers checking up on my background to snoop around here.]

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I appreciate your indignation over injustice and belief in democracy. But I can not help providing you another perspective.

It is worth noting that, for a long time, western democracy is available only within a small population, a group of people with reasonable amount of properties.

It is also worth noting that, just forty years ago, American has an apartheid system in the name of democracy.

Introducing western democracy on a full scale without a middle class is one good recipe to plunge a country into chaos. Indonesian is a good example.

Democracy is a noble idea, but many terrible things can be done in the name of democracy, such as apartheid.

The current consensus is that communism is evil. But communism is trying to achieve absolute equality, another very noble idea.

November 12, 2003 @ 3:18 am | Comment

I don’t think I said anything about imposing Western-style democracy. That wouldn’t be realistic. What I did say was that I believe China should be held to the same standards as others when it comes to recognizing fundamental human decency.

What you say about Communism does scare me a little. It may sound noble, but in order to achieve this “absolute equality” you need to end competition and basically turn the world into a commune. Every attempt at this sort of social experiment has inevitably resulted in misery for the masses, and luxuries for that teensy group at the top administering the nightmare. Communism is many things; “noble” is not one of them.

November 12, 2003 @ 3:55 am | Comment

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