Courageous Shanghai Student

A story from Shanghai that raises my hopes for increased tolerance in China:

No one ever knows how much courage and resolution Zhitong had to take before deciding to confess his gay identity and lecture the optional course “homosexual health sociology” at Fudan’s medical college.

He had been keeping tight-lipped on his sexual orientation to persons of the same sex as “I hate to be stared like a monster by people around and especially by those who seek novelty in me”.

However, he made up his mind finally to make this step out and stood on the platform on November 7, the first class of his course, saying “For medical students, anatomical practice is important. And as a gay, I’m willing to serve as a living sample for you to study on homosexuals.”

To his surprise, students in the classroom responded with a big applause to show their appreciation and understanding for his courage and responsibility.

This is a very touching story. Let’s hope this kind of tolerance spreads. Usually this topic is extreeeemely taboo in China, so it’s a very healthy sign that the students were unfazed and even supportive.

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