You’ve read Mao’s Red Book; now see the TV show!

I can see China producing a half-hour special about Mao’s “poetry.” But a 20-part series just about Mao’s maudlin verses? Certainly sounds like overkill to me:

A 20-part television series, “Mao Zedong — A Talented Poet,” is expected to be broadcast later this year, to mark the 110th anniversary of the birth of the late leader of the Communist Party of China.

Mao is widely appreciated as a skillful writer of poems and more than 70 of his works have been published.

The documentary series depicts the life of Mao by explaining his poems, and the CCTV production crew undertook a six-month trekacross tens of thousands of kilometers to trace Mao’s footsteps.

Mao was a great revolutionary idealist and a great poet who had a life-long love for poetry and whose poems reflected his creativity, artistic nature and idealism, said Pang Xianzhi, a noted Chinese researcher on the Party history and Mao’s life.

The only thing great about Mao is the amount of blood on his hands. This certainly underscores the macabre celebration of this murderer continues to flourish in China, as though the Cultural Revolution and the great famine never took place. Can you imagine Germany putting on a 20-part TV series about the beauty and wisdom of Mein Kampf?

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