Kuala Lumpur is incredibly beautiful at night, at least looking at those gorgeous towers. It’s just like the “Malaysia, truly Asia” ads that play nonstop, again and again, on CNN and BBC.

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Yes. KL is truely beautiful.

In 1996, after an absent of closed to 10 years, I finally went ‘home’ to Malaysia to visit my family (a great regrets of that long absent), and I was totally amazed by the beautiful airport, and later by the surroundings where the Twin towers are.

I understand there are many things that could have improved on the ‘human sides’, such as should be equal rights for all and not just the Malays, still I think Malaysia has done some great jobs that they should be proud of. At least this former Malaysian thinks so.

November 1, 2003 @ 5:10 am | Comment

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