Tapped pricks Andrew Sullivan’s balloon on Wes Clark

As a lot of us know, Andrew Sullivan has been bashing Wesley Clark 24/7. For balance (I guess), he threw in a post yesterday in which he seemed to be reconsidering his loathing of Clark, musing aloud whether Clark might be the best of the Dems out there.

Needless to say, the new-found admiration was a flash in the pan.

Today, American Prospect dissects Sullivan’s criticisms and makes the godfather of blogville look like a real dork. I just loved this:

You also have to love Sullivan’s newfound distaste for Rhodes Scholars. Commenting on Clark’s earlier praise for Bush and his team, Sullivan writes, “You have to remember he’s a Rhodes Scholar and they tend to say anything to suck up to whomever they’re talking to” and that Rhodes Scholars “suck upwards and kick downwards.”

Really? Does that include Sullivan’s boss at The New Republic, Peter Beinart? Slate editor Jacob Weisberg, with whom Sullivan interned at TNR back in the 1980s and later co-authored a book? Walter Isaacson, who published Sullivan at Time during his tenure as editor there? All three earned Rhodes scholarships. Do tell, Andrew.

Great work.

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