Smearing Clark – a view from Korea

Incestuous Amplification has written a fine post on the Republicans’ self-destructive obsession with smearing Clark. (A couple of the comments are pretty awesome, too.)

I especially appreciated this insight:

To me, the most amusing aspect of this particular fantasy of Billary controlling Clark is how much the right miscalculates the American public’s attitude toward the Clintons. Rush and company believe that if they can keep pounding the idea of the Clintons pulling Clark’s strings, that the public will turn on him and they’ll have Dean to work over next year instead of the General. They are in effect hoping that their own irrational Clinton-hatred will be scooped up by the public and then somehow transferred to Clark.

Nice scenario, but there’s only one small problem…most of America doesn’t hate the Clintons, as the below article expands upon. Sure, on the right there is a deep-seated hate…but it doesn’t extend any further than that. Just look at the sales receipts for Hillary’s book, as well as the rock-star like book signing tour she took, and you’ll realize that while she’s a polarizing figure…she’s not Bin Laden. The same holds for Bill. The longer he’s out of office, the further Lewinskygate fades, and there are no indications that simply linking his name to Clark will do more harm than good.

Bravo. Well said.

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