Is John Derbyshire Evil?

In a word: Yes.

I know I’m a day late with this, but I just read Andrew Sullivan’s description of a repellent article by Derbyshire in which he refers to AIDS as “a fashionable venereal disease” that he goes on to describe as “chic.”

Please see Sullivan’s post. You really won’t believe it. What Derbyshire writes is worse than repellent; it is blatantly evil, a frightening example of a man throwing away even the pretense of human decency.

Sullivan makes this point eloquently. So why doesn’t he realize that among Republicans, Derbyshire’s twisted thinking isn’t seen as repellent at all, but rather as an obvious truth?

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I’m sure all those millions of Chinese with HIV will be happy to know they’re so very trendy.

September 19, 2003 @ 11:02 pm | Comment

I’m a Republican, and I find Derbyshire’s comments about AIDS to be completely twisted and repellent. What’s up with the blanket Republican-bashing?

December 31, 2003 @ 6:16 am | Comment

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