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Sullivan must have read my last post; now he’s commenting on Wilson-Plame, but like Instapundit he’s too confused to really say anything about it.

He keeps asking why the administration would do something this stupid, which is certainly a valid question. But the one who says that indeed the administration didgive him the leak is a right-wing friend of the Administration, not a leftie troublemaker.

Now, administrations do lots of stupid things, like breaking into the Watergate or ordering secret arms sales to Contras or covering things up or — well, the list goes on. Just because it seems hare-brained doesn’t mean they didn’t do it. (And in this instance their strategy worked, at least in the short term; Wilson went apoplectic, and for months it looked like no one was going to cover it.)

Another stupid thing the administration’s doing is helpfully handing out phone records of Wes Clark’s calls to the White House but refusing to give out phone records of Roves’ calls to journalists on that fateful day. Imagine if the last president were to behave this way. Any little thing Clinton did, proven or otherwise, would ignite Sully like dynamite, while here all he can do is obfuscate and stammer.

Update: Karl Rove may not be the man. But check out the link; it sure sounds like Bush does know who the perpetrator is.

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