From the people who helped fell Michael Savage….

…an utterly devastating visual indictment of our president’s big fuck-up in Iraq. Do not miss it. I literally trembled toward the end. (Via Daily Kos.)

I thought we were doing the right thing to go in, and I believe Saddam’s downfall is a spectacular event. But there was no serious strategic plan about what to do after the easy part, and all the nightmare scenarios prophesied by Krugman and Kristoff and so many others have materialized, and every day it appears that the glorious hero’s welcome and great liberation were groundless fantasies spouted out by a breathless and delusional Andrew Sullivan and his cult.

On top of the lack of realistic planning is Bush’s sickeningly cavalier attitude (“bring ’em on”), exquisitely captured in the link above. I am now beginning to believe that he truly may be beatable in the next election. God, what a joy that would be.

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