A good buy; please check it out

Considering the abundance of free material on the Internet, I rarely pay for things here. One big exception is David (aka Orcinus) Neiwert’s magnificent 87-page analysis of what fascism is, what its telltale signs are as it emerges, and how it is taking on a vibrant new life in America today, thanks to propagandists like Rush Limbaugh.

You can download the entire essay, Rush, Newspeak and Fascism: An Exegesis, as a PDF file from Neiwert’s blog for free, although Dave is requesting a $5 donation to allow him to devote more of his time to his writing. I gave $10, and I hope you consider doing the same.

In a space cluttered with bloggers trying to get themselves heard, the voice of Orcinus stands out as unique. Instead of tossing out links or offering quips on this story or that, Orcinus focuses like a laser on one of the most disturbing aspects of American politics today, i.e., the subtle and insidious shift of fascism from a marginalized phenomenon to something ever more mainstream and acceptable. His insights into how Rush and his clones are fanning the flames that fuel this trend are priceless. And it’s great reading, too.

I know I tend to gush whenever I talk about Orcinus, but that’s for a good reason: it’s one of the very best blogs out there, and the only one that is carefully monitoring the freeper movement and its quiet but steady spread under the current US government. So get your free copy, and consider making a small donation for a very important cause.

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