The talented Mr. Packer

I never thought I’d actually cite Ann Coulter as a serious resource, but she has, according to Mickey Kaus’s column today, made an extraordinary find — and I checked it out on google and it is indeed extraordinary.

Again and again, in the NY Times but also on ABC News and in Newsday and other media, the man-on-the-street who is interviewed to comment on breaking news, from 911 to just about anything you can imagine, is a mystery man named Greg Packer. It is absolutely amazing. Article after article, Greg Packer. Most of the articles say he is from Huntington, NY. It has to make you wonder, do the media make everything up? Does Greg Packer even exist? If so, is it by some unearthly coincidence that reporters always single him out for comment? Very, very strange.

The Discussion: One Comment

The most misunderstood heroin in the history human survival. Unreasonable prayers misplaced due to the lack of support from those family members that should listen more.
Mistreated in every way in his abscence by those that should care the most.
Abused by those that should be more honourable.

January 30, 2004 @ 6:21 am | Comment

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