J’accuse: China, the Other Evil Empire

[Note: I have edited and retitled this post, which started off as an update on SARS, but ended up more an indictment of my host country’s inherently wicked government. TPD, April 19]

I was intrigued to see the NYT article today on how the Chinese government’s mishandling of SARS has totally demolished its painstaking efforts to position itself as a fast-changing, dynamic society that is moving closer and closer to liberalizing its laws, its policies and its general philosophy. You must read this article in full to understand just how grievously China has damaged itself with this fiasco.

There is no doubt that in some ways China is changing, especially in regard to trade and economic policy. There have also been some baby-steps in the right direction when it comes to education (problem solving is slowly being encouraged, not simply “chalk and talk” memorization). But what SARS has shown the world is that for all the fireworks, for all the self-congratulatory praise we see on CCTV and read in China Daily about “the new China,” politically the country is rotten to the core, atrophied and senile.

The article wastes no time getting to the point:

China’s restrictions on information about a highly infectious respiratory illness has undermined five years of diplomacy intended to alter its image as a prickly regional power and to improve relations with neighboring countries, Asian politicians and analysts say.

Beijing’s secretiveness for much of the last several weeks about severe acute respiratory syndrome, or SARS, contrasts sharply with the openness of its neighbors, even one-party states like Singapore. It also reflects the emphasis China puts on overall social stability above individuals’ well-being, many argue.

That last sentence contains the keys to understanding this strange nation. The obsession, to the point of insanity, that the government places on “social stability” and “harmony” makes this government an enemy to its own people. To ensure social stability and harmony, the fundamental necessity is to look good. This is a government that lives to make itself look good, so that people remain placid and accepting of (or better still, oblivious to) the shit going on around them.

Worried about a new catastrophic disease that could kill your citizenry by the thousands? Don’t give it a second thought — the Chinese plutocracy has the ideal answer: Don’t do anything. If you say nothing, you might be able to contain it. Taking that awful risk is far more attractive an alternative than informing people, and in so doing creating “disharmony.”

Now, any sane, rational government knows that contagious diseases don’t give a flying fuck about Mao’s Red Book and won’t be contained in just one village because Jiang Zemin wants them to be. But let’s give them the benefit of the doubt for a moment and assume the Chinese leaders are not totally brain damaged. Let’s say they really believed this sort of wishful thinking might work. After learning that this policy was an absolute disaster — in fact, a tragedy of unimaginable dimensions for millions of Chinese citizens — wouldn’t they then know at least not to do the same thing again?

Normally the answer would be yes. But this is no normal government. This government did the exact same thing for nearly 10 years with AIDS, ignoring it, stigmatizing those infected, and setting up every conceivable obstacle to creating awareness and preventative measures for its people. Its people, for whom this government supposedly exists. Ha. (For reference, see what I wrote just a few days ago on the AIDS holocaust here in China.)

In other words, they learned nothing from their repellent “see-no-evil” approach to AIDS, which now threatens to turn China into the next Africa in terms of AIDS infection. The audacity, the sheer hubris of these pompous oafs who, as SARS began to spread through Beijing were lauding one another on television and clinking champagne glasses for the farcical rubber-stamp “People’s Congress” — these bastards knew, and they did nothing, just as they did nothing in the late-80s as contaminated blood flowed into the veins of its citizens across their vast nation, sentencing innocent men, women and children to a lifetime of stigmatization and the guarantee of death without dignity. Acknowledging the tragedy may have made them look bad, and we can’t have any of that now, can we?

They knew. And they said nothing. Fifteen years ago, and today. And you wonder why I am hard on the Chinese government?

As I prepare to leave this country, I worry less and less about telling the truth. To say that another way, I have always tried to tell the truth here, but often I felt I had to tone down my rancor, soften the blows. Right now, I just don’t care, and I want whoever happens to stop by this little site to know the truth about China, or at least what I perceive that truth to be: China is the Evil Empire, a tottering, power-drunk, paranoid nation of thugs dressing themselves up as saviors — a bad country. It was for the bastards we saw smiling and waving at the “People’s Congress” that my God made hell.

Any questions?

Footnote: I refer only to the Chinese government here. The people I know here are gracious, kind and good. They know, to a large extent, what their “leaders” are all about. Luckily for these good people, the SARS fuck-up has been of such great magnitude that it could end up resulting in long-term change and improvement here. Maybe. It has certainly opened the eyes of the world as to what “the new China” is all about.

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Just came across a link to your blog the other day and wanted to say how much I am enjoying the various entries you have made. I look forward to reading many more in the future!

Thank you 😀

P.S. I am writing you from Liverpool, England.

December 4, 2003 @ 5:53 am | Comment

I crossed your site by chance, but I didn’t expect too see that kind of title among the few topics you propose : “J’accuse” stuck with “Evil Empire” sounds like a Zola pamphlet mixed with Star War poetry…
I actually agree (who wouldn’t) about that government being irresponsible about AIDS and SARS among others, BUT, calling China “the other Evil Empire” is a very, very bad title, for two reasons : it reminds us the old way Chinese people were depicted during Qing dynasty and Opium wars, as WE, Occidentals, exploited them, then, does it actullay refer to the “Evil Axe” a certain person is talking about to describe Irak, Iran, and North Korea ?… Very bad choice, actually.
Now, you should have a look about human rights in a few occidental countries : we all agree it is better living in Commonwealth, Europe or Japan, BUT there is no lesson to be taught to China with such an arrogant attitude. Chinese government recently released a 60 pages report about human rights violations in the US, as the US gov. issued a report quoting this and that (Tibet and whatsoever).
And chinese government made the good choice : Occidental countries have kept this colonialist habit to talk to poorer countries like priests. This is not the right thing to do.
Now we should consider the fact that “good” and wealthy nations are manipulating and still slaving other countries to keep safe their ways of life. It is well-known and widespread among coutries like US, UK, France, Germany, Russia and so on.
SO it is just a bad title for that topic. That government is irresponsible, BUT she shouldn’t be so arrogant calling it an “evil empire”. There is NO Dark Vador, there is NO Evil Axe. “Evil” is just a way to put pressure and that government for other issues, that are economical : France didn’t talk about Human rights last time M. Hu Jintao came to Paris (february), and China has the status of “most favorite nation” in the US for years.
“J’accuse” myself that hypocrisy of Occident towards world’s N. 1 market and N.1 growing economy

March 9, 2004 @ 11:36 pm | Comment

There’s a name for what you’re trying to do in response to J’Accuse: Cultural Relativism. You use this approach in the hopes you can smokescreen Richard’s argument of exactly what the Chinese government does to its citizens and continues to do so.
Have you been to China? Have you worked in China? Have you witnessed what Richard points out as the lackdaisical acceptance of everything the government states and everything the government does to promote the docility of its citizens through the education system?
Indeed, if you had, perhaps you would see that your cultural relativism is evil in itself.
The failure of your argument is exactly like that: a lack of defination of evil. Come to China and you will see that definition of evil and what happens when humanity can be so easily corrupted by a government still anciently steeped in keeping the mass of people in subservience and ignorance. If that isn’t evil, well I don’t know what is. Any comparisons to the United States doesn’t hold water, but you are right about Most Favorite Trade Status with the US. Where does that money go from trade? Take a guess–not to the Chinese people, but to the Communist Party thugs. It’s evil and it’s politically sad.

March 19, 2004 @ 3:00 pm | Comment

I agree with you.I crossed your site by chance,my experience tell me all these things are true.The layoff worker,the PLA veteran,the country farmer,etc. have suffered a lot from the of suppression of china’s one party goverment.

April 13, 2004 @ 1:23 am | Comment

No denying what the Chinese govt has been doing, or failed to do. BUT, to call it an evil empire is a bit over-the-top.

China is a country that has had only a fleeting flirtation with democracy during its early republican days, virtually a mild sneeze between dynastic monarchy and dynastic communism, so one can’t and shouldn’t expect too much too soon. But we see progress and are hopeful.

Unlike the US, China is bogged down with old traditions and mores, notwithstanding its socialist claims. It’s more like Europe, and like Europe it will eventually shrug off its feudalistic past. There’s no turning back as the world becomes smaller and closer, with modern communication and awareness.

The US has started off as a brand new nation without any hangovers from the past. That has been its fortune and its remarkable achievement.

But even democratic US has had its slavery and genocidal butchery of its natives. Just some 50 years ago, it still had segregated busing. Even today it is still wrestling with its democratic conscience, claim of lawful fair play and due legislative process as it shocked and continue to shock the world with its My Lai, Guantanamo Bay, Bagam Air Base, Abu Ghraib and reversal of President Carter’s policy not to assassinate foreign leaders.

Should we call the US an evil empire too as have many people, particularly those from the Middle-East?

But the US is, as mentioned, without any ‘hangovers’, strong and vigorous. Its remarkable vigour, born from its democratic century-plus experiences will help it renew its commitment to democratic principles after these turbulent times. Unfortunately, China does not have that experience. But it is learning and adjusting.

Give China a chance to understand and apply democratic practices in the same way as Taiwan has had that chance to shrug off its oligarchical past and become a reasonably shining democratic model.

It might even overtake some of America’s closest allies in the democratic stakes.

May 30, 2004 @ 5:30 am | Comment

Jacky, this post is over a year old. I’ve modified my opinions since I wrote it, but at the time of SARS I felt it was appropriate. I plan to post about the evils of the US vs those of China very soon, especially in light of Iraq.

May 30, 2004 @ 9:48 am | Comment

ta richard, am a johnny-come-lately on your site. good one. cheers

June 5, 2004 @ 9:33 am | Comment


I have lived in Beijing for almost three 3 years. I was shocked to read your article as it is exactly how I feel about China. Your observations are my observations.


July 16, 2004 @ 1:30 am | Comment

I was in Beijing during the SARS outbreak, and I totally understang Richard’s anger and frustration. Beyond all the political theories and blabla, let’s remember something: people in China were dying because nobody would tell them what was going on before it was actually too late.
I will always remember a particular scene on an afternoon of late April 2003. I happened to be biking around the city with a chinese friend. We went by Beijing Railway Station and the entire area was packed with people everywhere sitting on the ground, walking, running, waiting for the next available train to get out of Beijing. And most of them were wearing these thick masks. It looked like the city was at war and people were fleeing to avoid being killed.
But where can you flee when the thing that kills you is in the air?
“I am so angry at our government right now”, said my chinese friend as we passed by emptied grocery stores , ” I feel like I have been betrayed, I feel like I am trapped in here and that our only option is to wait for death”.
(Beijiners were not allowed to leave the city)
You may think that she was being a bit dramatic, but if you were in Beijing at this time and experienced the frustration of not really knowing what is going on, of hearing the numbers of cases and the death toll grow daily, of hearing people talking about their neighbour or cousin being quarantined in their building, your friends locked up in their university dorms, walking in the deserted streets in the early evening, you’ll understand exactly where she was coming from.

Any government regardless of their nationality who does that to the very people they pretend to “serve” and protect do not deserve their mandate. Period.
Especially when they had all the AIDS history to learn from! There is just no valid excuse.
I love China, but this whole “face” thing ticks me off, it is actually doing more harm to chinese people than anything.

November 12, 2004 @ 2:44 am | Comment

Yes, the “face” thing is something China has to learn to let go. It can be a true nightmare.

November 12, 2004 @ 10:29 am | Comment

“China is the Evil Empire, a tottering, power-drunk, paranoid nation of thugs dressing themselves up as saviors — a bad country. It was for the bastards we saw smiling and waving at the “People’s Congress” that my God made hell.”

Well said! It is the truth! You have to feel sorry for common Chinese people who have to put up with it, and can do nothing!

And, I have to think that we are assisting this Evil Empire with massive Foreign Trade.

China’s GDP in 2004 was $1.65 trillion, of which 60% to 70% is Foreign Trade. Without Foreign Trade, China couldn’t even exist!

June 13, 2005 @ 11:40 pm | Comment

This is china,Most of people approve the leader of communist party even if she had commited a lot of mistakes because she take chinese stand upon the world,China can say no against any other country because her strong,Chinese development direction will be decided by all chinese,not western,not US people.We need stable,we need development,I am not a communist party member but I own confidence of her.

June 15, 2005 @ 7:03 am | Comment

I’ve lived in China for 6 years and I am sick to the back teeth of people of statements like these. Chinese people trot out these idiotic statements without any consideration whatsoever of what they mean. I would like you to tell me Aladdin exactly what mistakes the communist party has made and why you think they are acceptable. I would also like to know why you think a more transparent system of government would be detrimental to Chinese interests.

Indeed, the thought of China increasing its role in the international community makes me shudder. It does not give a damn about any other country but its own. To use a current example, I heard a report on cctv recently condemning Britain and other countries for tampering in the internal affairs of a number of African countries. Apparently they were peeved that we simply did not wish to throw away billions of dollars in aid. Instead we insisted on constitutional changes and electoral reform rather than pissing away our money to prop up corrupt dictatorships. Why would that be? Would it be because China has oil interests in the region and as a result has contributed millions of dollars propping up these regimes to enjoy access to their oil infrastructure?
And to think of all the self righteous rhetoric certain western countries had to endure after Iraq. At least we got rid of a dictator instead of embracing genocide.

People believe that China is a country on the move and perhaps they are right but God only knows how. They are backward bunch of arrogant xenophobes. They only explanation I have is sheer numbers. They lack innovation, common sense, diplomacy and a sense of history. The society is both culturally and morally bankrupt. They may talk about 5,000 years of culture but if you come to China you’ll have a hard time finding it. The’d tear down a 1000 year old temple arm off just to make a few yuan.

They also claim all invention as their own, despite the fact they haven;t contributed anything of significance in hundreds of years. I say let the dragon keep on sleeping because the only thing they are likely to to when they do fully wake up is bore everyone some more with tales of an old culture that no longer exists.

China is a vacuous and superficial shithole, a parody of what it may once have been.

Now don;t get me wrong. I want the poor in China to propser. I want them to afford medicines and food for their children. I do however have a problem with China becoming a major player, if not the major player, in world politics. It has neither the sensitivity, the ability, the diplomacy or the compassion to carry out the job effectively. I am a Brit and I say give me the yanks everytime. Call me niave but in my heart I believe that they are on the whole a force for good.

June 15, 2005 @ 5:03 pm | Comment

Dodo, that is one impassioned comment! Thanks a lot. I want to disagree with you, but I can’t. I admit I have a love-hate relationship to China and I hate to hear it referred to as a “shithole,” but I know where you’re coming from.

June 15, 2005 @ 5:24 pm | Comment

Thanks Richard. You’re right ‘shithole’ is a rather unfortunate term but it was the only word that did justice to my irritation at the time. I am leaving China in a few weeks and perhaps I will recover some affection for it . I doubt very much however that I will return. I think the memories of this place are best put away until time removes some of their rougher edges. That’s a tad melodramatic I suppose, but then the everyday life drags you down here and makes such outbursts seem less so. It is often an accumulation of minor offensives that sends me on a rant . A minor example being be a lack of propensity to queue. Have you experienced this? It’s really bizarre. You’re in a shop, perhaps third down in the queue, and somebody will just walk in and go straight to the front. It’s incomprehensible. What are they thinking when they do this? I have racked my brains to understand it but my mind just goes blank. It happens pretty much everytime. Absolutely extraordinary. Another favourite is their unwillingness to attends to the little points of etiquette that dot our daily lives. Example: you’re in a lift and you see somone struggling with bags making their way towrds you. Do you a) Keep the lift door open? B) Help them? or C) Look at them and then jam your finger on the buttons to shut it and trap the person’s arm or leg in the mechanical jaw of the door just as he gets there. You wouldn;t think the answer would be C would you? You may think this is an unfair characterisation but it happens everyday (not necessarily with bags everytime). I’m quite sure it is not hatred that motivates these actions. I think its more sheer mindlesness.
Anyway I’ll stop now less you think me psychotic. These rants will I’m sure cease immediately once I am back in blighty.

Anyway thanks for your kind words.


June 15, 2005 @ 10:35 pm | Comment

Both of 2 gentlemen,Dodo and Richard,I would like to say you have no authority to make gesture toward China,you are not chinese while I am not US or British,you do not know china,you only get information from VOA or another western report,China do her part like US,Britain,Germany and France,She get resource in legal,Not US and Britain ,Use force against Irap to control oil resource,So I would like to say you are unfair reproach China according to the case.And maybe 2 gentlemen too rude to speak “Shithole”,Does it display your gentle?Does it display your culture,oh,my god,it this is wetern culture,I would like to say it let me too disappoint about western culture because in my view western culture are health ,democracy,freedom,but I must say you 2 could not represent western culture,you 2 have no qualification evaluate Chinese culture.I want to say you 2 belong to a big pile of shit.I do not want to talk with you again.

June 16, 2005 @ 12:00 am | Comment

Aladdin your comments sound like the ramblings of a drugged horse. Why exactly do I have no authority to make comments about China? I lived there for 6 years. You on the other hand have most likely never left your village. I might add that your media is shamelessly skewed in favour of your government’s policies. From which position of authority are you speaking? In our countries we have an open and free media in which we can criticize our own leaders as well as others . Why don;t you go out into your local town square and start chanting slogans against the government. Let’s see where that gets you. As for China operating with the bounds of the law, perhaps, but it is the thin edge of the wedge. Most European countries and indeed most civilized countries have refused to deal with Mugabe and other such corrupt governments. Indeed we have imposed sanctions to try and effect change. Your government however is as we speak quietly negating the positive effect of these policies by plowing money into these countries to gain access to its oil infrastructure. It is therefore implicitly, if not explicitly, supporting genoicide, torture and murder. And I do have the right to describe China as a shithole. Indeed the right to express one’s opinion , however distateful it might be to you, is the very cornerstone of democracy. It makes me laugh when Chinese people say that other people have no right to talk about China, suscribing, at the behest of their government to a policy of cultural relativism which is at best an illusory concept and at worst great evil. Perhaps if Hitler had not invaded poland or indeed any other countires and just went about peacefully killing Jews within its own borders, we could have saved ourself the bother. The funny thing is you would probably think that is morally acceptable. It is also irritates me when you say foreigners can’t comment on China. Why the hell not? YOu guys trot out the same bloody platitudes. What makes your opinion better than mine? How can you claim to have an informed idea when you are fed and willingly gulp down the crap that cctv or the China daily feeds you. Take your head out the sand Aladdin. As for not talking again that would be great. You’re patently a person with very little to say.
Heard a great one today. According to cctv 1, all the people in Taiwan secretly want it to be a part of China. They are being held prisoner by a few rogue leaders. Funny, considering those rogue leaders were democratically elected.

June 16, 2005 @ 2:59 am | Comment

Aladdin, You are a sad little person. You are from a sad land. It all just makes ME sad. I have “lived” in China for 4 years. Your country is a cesspool!

June 22, 2005 @ 8:40 am | Comment

You are unwelcome for chinese,China is a sovereign country,Her future and her institution will be decided by her children,chinese .not you, A arrogant British,It is not 1840,British should shut down your mouth, I can not image so rude englishman lived in China for 4 years,you are not welcome in china,dodo.

June 29, 2005 @ 9:07 pm | Comment

Aladdin do you actually read the posts or do you just trot out the same nonsense to everyone? I believe the last post was by someone called American Man. I have lived in China 6 years, not 4. I do however stand by everything I have said. If you want to debate any of the points I have raised I am willing to do so but if you’re njust going to talk nonsense then just stay quiet. You say that Chinese people have the right to determine their own affairs. Well, you are absolutely right about that and quite frankly I don;t give a damn about the oppression you suffer because you seem to obviously enjoy it. I do however care when the actions of your country affect other countries, like I indicated in the other contributions I have made and I am sure you have not read. I am in agreement with Amercian man you are a sad sad little man. The only reason you mention what I assume is the opium wars ( 160 years ago now) is because that’s the Chinese version of foreign affairs. Always living in the past and contributing nothing to the future. Why don;t you go to google and type in some sensitive subject like Tianamen, or Falungong or Taiwan and see how much you can find out about the other man’s opinion. You’re a hick Aladdin. By the way don’t worry about me staying In China. I’m off very soon and I will never be back.

June 30, 2005 @ 4:50 am | Comment

First of All I must say sorry for dodo because I read wrong and this one should give to “American man” actually. But for dodo,I still not consent your opinion because you are not know china in detail,Do you know how many people died for faglungong? I was a univeristy student when Tiananmen event occured,I know amount of students lost their lives for the event .I was very angry of it at that time because I believe students is innocent,they should not suffer oppression.But now,After 16 years,I become a mature chinese man,I thought the event in serious and made a conclusion that Mr Dengxiaoping had to made a decision to suppress students and it was a right conclusion actually.I said you do not know China,China is a large country,poor and laggard,Most of people had not accept high education,So chinese is very easy to be utilise by politican include students.Yes those students who lost their lives are innocent,But if Deng did not so I believe more and more chinese will lost their lives not only several thousands students and workers but also milions of people because the situation was deteriorative at that time and would out of control if Deng did not take action. Maybe the tragedy simliar with culture revolution would occur again,So we lost several thousans of lives,we are grieved. But for the stablity of China ,Deng made a correct decision and I support him right now.So I said you are not known of china because you only got part of news about china even if they are truly.you must research China in detail through her history , her situation ,her environment,her society structure and so forth. Let us calm dowm dodo,do not quarrel like 2 crazy dogs.You can think change a position that could you keep silence if I said Britain was a big pile of bullshit. You can curse me,but you should not curse my homeland.So please research more about China you will find she is a lovely country even if she has a lot of shortcomes, But we will correct these shortcomes in the future ,We are on the prelimary phase of developing country,Amount of jobs need to be done by us so I take back my said and china welcome all foreign friends who contribute their wisdoms for China,you worked in China for 6 years ,I am sure you have done a lot of jobs for China so I want to say let us appese the argument .

July 1, 2005 @ 11:18 pm | Comment

Re: original post
I want to say that I understand where it came from.
I was living in Hong Kong during the SARS crisis and I was fuming with rage over the cowardice and sheer audacity of those selfcongratulating criminals in the communist “leadership”.

December 11, 2005 @ 9:20 am | Comment

Re: original post
I want to say that I understand where it came from.
I was living in Hong Kong during the crisis and I was fuming with rage over the cowardice and sheer audacity of those selfcongratulating criminals in the communist “leadership”.

December 11, 2005 @ 9:21 am | Comment

Re: original post
I want to say that I understand where it came from.
I was living in Hong Kong during the SARS crisis and I was fuming with rage over the cowardice and sheer audacity of those selfcongratulating criminals in the communist “leadership”.

December 11, 2005 @ 9:21 am | Comment

Spot on. I just returned from Zhuhai and my 4th time visiting China. I used to defend that country so much, esp. its economic and human rights progress. Now after the 4th and most maddening time, I can never look at that backward, culturally ignorant, disturbingly homogenous, self-destructively totalitarian, infuriatingly passive-aggressive place the same way again. There is very little respect for people’s welfare there– I can see that now without my previous rose-colored lenses, after those psychotic police attacks down in Dongzhou and Panlong, not to mention many people’s refusal to talk about “sensitive” topics. Idiots. Social progress doesn’t happen without debate, and choosing from among alternative courses of action. The docility and acceptance of the people in response to the bewildering jizz the government throws that them…is maddening.
And as an Asian political scholar since my university days, I’m not anti-Chinese in any way– I’m just anti-stupidity.

January 22, 2006 @ 4:43 am | Comment

They are the most evil regime the world has EVER seen. Destroy them NOW. They won’t care about losing 20 cities as they know itwill hurt us more to lose 2. Wipe them off the face of the earth.

October 1, 2006 @ 12:43 pm | Comment

You’re right, they are the most deceptive, wicked people. The butcher and torture monks, they hate all organised religion, anything that might challenege their barbarism with any moral authority. They use people for spare parts, organ harvesting the executed prisoners. They are activelyengaged in espionage, threaten democracy in Taiwan, you’re right, nuke them all for the world’s sake

October 1, 2006 @ 12:46 pm | Comment

Jonathan and Simon:

Aladdin is at worst ignorant, but the two of you are quite frankly morons, and not-so-subtle racists to boot – railing on about how “evil” you perceive China to be while advocating the destruction of billions of people. Your rants read like brainwashing to the nth degree and make Aladdin’s tired diatribe seem entirely reasonable by comparison.

Your logic makes about as much sense as “pro-life” advocates who bomb abortion clinics.

It’s people like you who discredit any sane arguments by Westerners to like-minded Chinese.

August 6, 2008 @ 5:35 pm | Comment

[…] public is kept in the dark, continuing to poison their own children. I wrote back then, in 2003, words that I regretted later. I don’t think I was right – it is far too simplistic and black/white; however, reading this […]

September 28, 2008 @ 12:47 am | Pingback

“Nuke them and wipe them out.” So many brainwashed barbarics.

October 24, 2008 @ 1:00 pm | Comment

Evil is the abscense of goodness. It is a negative state in which power represents enslavement of body, soul and mind. Surely the so called Peoples Republic of China qualifies in being described as evil. Love and respect are surely missing in that dark place.

October 26, 2008 @ 11:43 am | Comment

There’s a lot of love and respect here, a lot of joy and a lot of hopeful, smart people. There’s also a lot of mean, nasty shit. But it isn’t a dark place. Some parts are dark, a few are altogether black, but mainly it fluctuates somewhere in the gray area between white and black. Except in the minds of ideologues, neocons and idiots.

October 26, 2008 @ 1:55 pm | Comment

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