Can you say it more bluntly please?

I don’t always agree with Atrios, but here he is right on:

While much attention (well, relatively speaking…not too much has been paid, really) is paid to those soldiers who die in this conflict, we shouldn’t forget that many of the wounded – of which there are indeed many – are going to have life-altering wounds, including brain injuries, missing limbs, paralysis, etc.

I support these troops. I support restoring the cuts to their Veterans Benefits, which were requested by the anti-troop Bush administration. I support the humble resignation of Saxby Chambliss, anti-American bigot who questioned the patriotism of his single-limbed veteran opponent Max Cleland. I support the resignation of anti-troop Tom DeLay who supported these cuts and who proved himself a Chickenhawk and a bigot when he claimed that he didn’t participate in the Vietnam war because all of them minorities had taken all the positions.

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