Shocking. Apparently China is denying

Shocking. Apparently China is denying us access to virtually all of the sites! So to all of you who are chanting that China is changing, China is breaking free, China is moving in step with the Western world, China is slowly moving toward democracy, China is becoming more liberal and more tolerant, China is no more oppressive than the US — all I can say is, wake up and smell the congee! This really truly sucks. I can’t see my own blog, let alone Mark Kleiman’s blog (which gives me my morning adrenalin rush). At least I can open the sites that are Blogger-powered but have their own domain names, like Andrew Sullivan’s. This started yesterday, and maybe this is a totally false alarm, a fluke. But I tend to be more pessimistic. After all, the government won’t even let me participate in my Google newsgroup on Richard Wagner! (I can read the messages, but cannot respond, which to an ardent Wagnerian like me is simply maddening.)

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