The Bombing in Bali

It certainly gives me pause, hearing about all those Australian partiers in Bali having their limbs blown apart yesterday. I was there just a few weeks ago, secure in the knowledge that Bali, as a Hindu community, is safe from all acts of terrorism. As is the US — who, after all, would ever commit major terrorism in the land of the free, right? Yes, we really are all ants, and the foot can come down on us at any instant…. It puts my debt crisis in perspective a bit, though I still feel a deep sense of apprehension (i.e., dread). I guess all those who were blown to pieces last night would do anything — ANYTHING — to be in my shoes. After all, it’s just some money. Better to be out some money than your LIFE. That makes sense, but it really doesn’t make me feel jolly, as I still have to come to grips with my life and my finances.

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The Schapelle Corby saga continues…

Well… they just confirmed that she did indeed get her sentence reduced by 5 years.
Everything about her situation is just a complete and utter mess.
Like pretty much everyone in Australia seems to think, I think the whole thing is a complete a…

October 13, 2005 @ 12:40 am | Comment

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