China protesters block rail lines

BBC reports

Hundreds of demonstrators blocked key railway lines in eastern China in protest at threats to their benefits, state media has reported. More than 200 protesters, and several hundred onlookers, descended on two lines near Guixi in Jiangxi province. They were protesting at planned zoning changes in Guixi which could impact on income and benefits, the reports said.

This is quite a curious protest to me because there weren’t quite so many people as are often reported taking action, but they targeted the transport network – something I haven’t heard about in recent years. Is this relatively uncommon or has it happened several times before?

UPDATE (from Jeremiah): Also check out this podcast by Council on Foreign Relations fellow Carl Minzer (former senior counsel at the Congressional-Executive Commission on China) on the recent social unrest in China. (hat tip: Ben Landy at China Redux.)

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This kind of things happened several times before. Most of them are unheard of. I knew at least 2 other examples. The common factors behind those events are 1) Local officials are always involved and privately supported the demonstrations. 2) The confliction of interests between different local districts is always the reason here.

March 24, 2007 @ 4:01 am | Comment

fatbrick, you mean people blocking major railway lines? What about major roads?

March 24, 2007 @ 4:38 am | Comment

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