Shaun Rein on the TSM

Shaun Rein does it again, putting up a maddeningly stupid tweet on today’s anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre. He actually said he can’t comment on it because “I wasn’t there. I only talk about what I know.” This is incredibly disingenuous. I’ve never been to Auschwitz but I’ve still written about it and know all about it. I wasn’t at the January 6th insurrection but I still know all about it and have written about it. I wasn’t there when Kennedy got shot but I know all about it. What are historians for? They haven’t been eyewitnesses to events that happened in the past, but through scholarly research they become experts in their respective fields. But with his smug assertion that he wasn’t there so he can’t comment he is letting the CCP off the hook. This is shockingly similar to his ridiculous assertion that he couldn’t comment on the detention of Chen Guangchen a few years ago, claiming he had “no idea” who Chen was (and that post has some of my blog’s best comments ever). Shaun writes about crime in America and many other things he’s never seen first-hand. But he can’t comment on the TSM or anything else that makes the CCP look bad — he had to be there. What rubbish. He’s nothing more than a clown. Sorry if I spend too much time pointing out Shaun’s prevarications but he totally rubs me the wrong way. Today’s tweet was especially deranged. I guess he rejects all history since he wasn’t there. Inexcusable.