The Unbearable Meaninglessness of Bu-Xing

The Codpiece in Chief today delivered a speech of extraordinary meaninglessness to the United Nations, inspiring the great Fred Kaplan to write:

President Bush had nothing to say at the United Nations today. This was the clearest message of his 25-minute speech before the General Assembly – that he has no plans to change course, no desire to talk with his enemies, no proposals to put on the table, no initiatives of any sort, except to name an envoy to Sudan.

His address was full of stirring words, signifying nothing. At one point, he spoke “directly to the people across the broader Middle East.” To Iraqis, he said, “We will not abandon you” – which many Iraqis must have taken as a mixed blessing at best. To Afghans, he said, “We will stand with you,” to which they could be forgiven for blinking a skeptical eye. To the Lebanese, he expressed admiration for their courage but said surprisingly little else.

We simply have never witnessed another president like our George. The man is a blank slate, an empty shell, a tabula rasa. In short, he’s nothing at all. And we made him emperor of the universe. How very peculiar.

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We simply have never witnessed another president like our George. ??

Your George? .. certainly not anyone elses George .. (unless you mis-spelt ‘gorge’) heh.

September 20, 2006 @ 9:13 am | Comment

He is our George. We the People are complicit in his war crimes and hegemony. Clinton was impeached for getting a blow job but George remains unscathed after screwing us all. And yet our silence is deafening and oh so sad.
May our democracy forever rest in peace.

September 20, 2006 @ 7:09 pm | Comment

I found it greatly amusing that the feed I was watching panned to the Lebanese delegates after Dumbya mentioned Lebanon and you could see the incredulousness on their faces as they chatted.

The most ironic bit of the speech was Dumbya talking about the awfulness of stalled democratic aspirations in the Middle East, while behind the curtain the folks stalling democratic aspirations have been “the moderates” installed as US puppets. Then when democracies were installed and the people voted for governments unfavourable to US interests (like Hamas instead of the uber-corrupt US backed Fatah), democracy was something the crowd that supported invading Iraq suddenly thought might not always be such a good idea.

(*gasp* we better be careful about bringing democracy to China, because it might produce a government we don’t like. Better the devil we do know, than the devil we don’t. *gasp*)

September 20, 2006 @ 7:57 pm | Comment

He’s not my George. And I haven’t been silent.

September 20, 2006 @ 10:04 pm | Comment

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