Where have you gone, George Washington?

Commenter Ivan was inspired to write this poem after reading an earlier post about West Point graduates opposed to the Iraq war.

“From the Ghosts of Valley Forge, to GW Bush”

Bloody footprints in the snow
Are changed to asphalt.
Valley Forge
Is an off-ramp and a shopping mall
Some ghosts of weary ghosts still linger,
Still returning, hoping beyond hope
(so they did, so they do at Valley Forge)
Suffocating, never dying, still whispering,
Shouting beyond death’s whispers
Across the
One wafer of
A Pennsylvanian boy
Eighteen years old, virgin to love and war
Haunts the air across the oily fumes above the old
Farm where he rattled
His last breath
In the winter
Of 1777.
No one knows his name,
Today while they ride on
Foreign vapors, screaming across the
Lost grass where American Patriots died
For scorned liberties.
Another spirit,
Also scorned today,
General Washington,
Bends to one knee, in prayer
And desperate faith beyond desperation
For God to turn the bloody footprints of his men
In the snow
To hope.
Now the snow has turned to
Asphalt, and the grass turned to concrete
And the hope turned to mockery from foreign tongues.
Treason is the betrayal of
The better Angels
Of a nation.
And the bloody footprints in the snow
Of Valley Forge, cry out,
“Treason” to all
Who forgot.

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Yeah, I hate Tony Bliar (²¼À³¶û£© too!

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