Military Intelligence implicated in Abu Ghraib

This is big news — it blows up the meme they want us all to believe, namely that this was just the aberrant behavior of a few “bad apples.”

NBC News has learned a military investigation into prisoner abuse at Abu Ghraib prison now implicates military intelligence officers in addition to military police already charged.

Pentagon sources tell NBC News the investigation by Maj. Gen. George Fay recommends punitive action, which could include criminal charges against several military intelligence officers who were at least aware of the abuse.

At a pre-trial hearing for Pfc. Lynndie England last week there was direct testimony by a military intelligence officer that three intelligence officers were present during the abuse of three prisoners at Abu Ghraib. The officer testified he was summoned to the cellblock to, “see something cool.”

Photos show the prisoners stripped naked, handcuffed and forced to simulate sex acts. At least one intelligence officer is seen throwing a toy football at the prisoners.

It will be much harder now for the military to whitewash this. And if it comes out that these MI officers were actually ordering the “bad apples” to terrorize the prisoners, the lid will really come blowing off this story, which Rumsfeld has been praying would simply evaporate in the mist of memory.

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This is truly terrifying: Yesterday the British appeal court ruled that evidence obtained by torture should be admissible. Forget Magna Carta, the Star Chamber has returned to its former place in the British judicial system if relocated to the sunnier climes of Guantánamo Bay. See the editorial in The Guardian:,12780,1281297,00.html

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