Back to the rat race in 18 hours!!

Damn, just a few more hours of freedom. Work starts at 8 a.m. and I’m afraid it’s a blog-free company. Unfortunately, I have to join the family for dinner soon, so this may be the last post I’ll write as a free man.

Meanwhile, I’ve been trying to pump out as many posts as possible, knowing that come morning I’ll be an indentured servant to The System. I’ll have to pay taxes again! Two weeks vacation. Bi-annual reviews by a boss who’s half my age. Half-hour commutes and fast-food lunches. Ah, the American Dream! I’m so excited, I can hardly wait….

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Sounds wonderful. Seriously… I’ve been unemployed for 14 months, and sometimes I fantasize about cubicles, and bad watery coffee, and office potlucks.


August 23, 2004 @ 3:55 am | Comment

Wanna hear something weird? My phone rang about 5 minutes ago. It was someone offering me a job.

Cubicle city, here I come!

August 23, 2004 @ 4:10 am | Comment

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