“Alan Colmes sinks John O’Neill’s boat”

And that’s an understatement. More like a crucifixion, and one well deserved.

From the great Media Matters site. I savored every word. I saw the program as it unfolded, and for the first time I fet a huge respect for Colmes, who often stands under Hannity’s shadow like a frightened housewife. This time he was sensational, and there was no way out — because O’Neill has been lying his ass off.

Go read the transcript and see the painful truth for yourself. No sense in my offering a snip — it simply has to be seen. (There’s a link there for the video clip, too.) See what O’Neill says and how he panics when confronted with stuff he thought no one would ever unearth. Colmes gets a big gold star.

Literally every hour brings yet another story of how putrid this entire episode has been. Christmas in Cambodia! Self-inflicted wounds! Unfit to serve! But you know, what else can bush do? Running on his “record” is impossible, as there’s nothing there except claiming Qaddafi gave up his nuclear program cuz we captured Saddam (another unabashed lie). So it’s attack, attack, attack! This was sweet, seeing the whole thing backfire.

But stay tuned, tomorrow’s another day and magician Karl Rove has many more rabbits waiting to be pulled from his hat. The worst will come literally hours before polling time; that’s a standard Rove maneuver. Be prepared for the worst; we can’t let our guard down for a single second.

Media Matters is chronicling all the ways this “self-inflicted wound” known as SBVFT is backfiring on bush. Go see the list of stories, and exult in the Smear Boat’s death by a thousand cuts, inflicted by a media they were certain would simply regurgitate Rove’s talking points. They’re still too easy on the Smear Boat Liars (Media Matters chronicles that, too) but they’re definitely getting better.

A reporter’s role is to question, referree and correct the record, not to parrot and kowtow.

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