Marshall on the Berger leak

Sounds right to me.

Clearly, no one in-the-know breathed a word of this until a couple days ago — as the Kerry campaign found out to its own moritification. Yet from the moment the story broke every paper seems to be finding multiple sources who are willing to talk freely about minute details of the case. Look over at Google News and you’ll see that even the Akron Gazette and the Curryville Crier seem to be getting hourly exclusive scoops.

In my experience criminal investigations aren’t nearly that porous — with multiple sources talking to multiple publications, and all on cue — unless someone on the inside has greenlighted the leaks.

The good thing is that the US media appear to have tired of this story very quickly, and there’s nearly nothing about it on cable news today. No legs, no traction.

UPDATE: Instapundit himself agrees about the media and Bergergate, quoting an email he received:

Here are the top stories on my (customized) yahoo news page, all AP stories:

1) 9/11 Panel Suggests Intelligence Overhaul
2) Video Shows 9/11 Hijackers’ Security Check
3) U.S. Reports 94 Cases of Prisoner Abuse
4) House Takes Up Gay Marriage Issue Again
5) Marines Kill 25 Insurgents in Ramadi
6) Threatening Note Found on Amtrak Train

7) ‘Fahrenheit 9/11’ Making GOP Nervous

I’ll spare you the rest of the headlines. Not one of the 20 stories on that page says anything about Berger. Now it makes sense for most of the stories to be there, but why the Michael Moore story and not the Berger story? That has much deeper implications that a movie. I get similar results for my customized Netscape page, including the Moore story. Not only are the news outlets ignoring Bergergate, they are in its place pushing anti-Bush stories.

Even Fox News seems to have all but killed the story. Smart.

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