Last post on Berger and Pantsgate

To all those trying to stoke this non-story, see Josh Marshall’s post today.

A difference of opinion between Tucker Carlson and the 9/11 Commission …

“There is nothing random about the documents he took. Berger stripped the files of every single copy of a single memo which detailed the Clinton administration’s response to the Y2K terror threat.”
Tucker Carlson, Crossfire, July 22nd 2004

Then there’s 9/11 Commissioners Gorelick and Gorton …

DOBBS: Let me ask you, not necessarily directly on point, but certainly related. Sandy Berger, the former head of the national security — national security adviser under the Clinton administration, accused of, and admitting taking classified documents from the National Archives, those notes, whether copies or originals still unclear. Did the commission review that material, to what — can you shed any light on what happened there? Slade Gorton, first.

GORTON: Well, we can’t shed any light on exactly what happened there and on Sandy Berger’s troubles with the Justice Department and the Archives. What we can say unequivocally is we had all of that information. We have every one of those documents. All of them have — are infused in and are a part of our report.

DOBBS: So the commission was denied no information as a result of whatever Sandy Berger did or did not do at the National Archives?

GORTON: That’s precisely correct.

GORELICK: And we have been so assured by the Justice Department.
Dobbs, Gorton & Gorelick
Lou Dobbs Tonight, July 22nd 2004

Well, that strategy didn’t seem to work, Tucker. What’s next? They’ll keep trying, but the story is fast becoming a footnote.

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I just tested all the links, Nicholas — what are you referring to?

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